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    Alex AR

    I was wondering whether I am the only one to experience the following (serious) issue:

    I recently updated Lightroom to 5.2. Since then, whenever I am publishing a folder to Dropbox or flickr, Lightroom does not update the photos shown on center screen, no matter what folder you pick on the left hand side of the screen. Let's assume to activated “folder A” to publish it, then – while it is loading up the pictures – you want to switch to “folder B” in order to edit some photos, Lightroom would still show you the content of “folder A” on the screen! I have not done any edits to the respective pictures, but I could easily imagine that this may cause serious trouble.

    The only way to fix the problem is to exit and restart Lightroom. Really odd…

    Jeffrey Friedl, developer of some great Lightroom plugins – describes the issue on his blog. It is really annoying to see Lightroom behave like this and I am curious to know whether this happens to many users – or just to the unlucky few…:(

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