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    I’m seriously considering acquiring the M11. I’m a current owner of the 40MP M10 Monochrom. The M11 seems to offer some very serious low ISO capabilities. Would it be redundant for me to keep the M10 monochrome if I acquire an M11?

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    Jack MacD

    Do you just shoot B&W? If so, I get the idea that the M11 shooting converted B&W may match, but not exceed the M10M. Therefore not a reason to change.
    I have a M10M and an M11. When I want to shoot B&W I use the M10M. Having a B&W camera helps me concentrate on structure rather than color. The issue for me will be if when the M11M comes out, if I want to upgrade.
    But I will be influenced by how much I like the M11 and if I want battery compatibility. Fortunately my budget can afford more than one M and having two M’s allows me both a back up, and the ability to sometimes carry two cameras with two different focal lengths at the same time. If my budget was less, and I shot more color, I might have just traded the Mono in on the M11. Good luck on your decision.

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    Jack MacD

    Additionally, the latest RedDotForum show on the M11 said the M10M gives us two stops of ISO performance.

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