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    David Farkas

    Check out my full review of the Leica M Monochrom:

    Leica M Monochrom Review | Red Dot Forum

    Happy to answer any questions.

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    Jack MacD

    Extremely well done. When you kept saying you were working hard on some updates of the new products, I kept asking myself, why is it taking so long? Now I understand. You provided detail on the Monochrom that exists in no other place. I have previously digitally converted about 1/4 of my shots into B&W. Initially my reaction was why should I give up the ability to selectively filter my M9 shots for a green filter in one part vs a red filter in another. But the concept of having an extra three stops of ISO would allow me to shoot in darkness with ease. Also having a camera that makes me concentrate on B&W probably would improve my B&W regardless of the higher ISO and resolution.
    Iconic is a good description.
    I used to have two M6s, one for B&W and one for color film. I have enjoyed having a single camera for both since digital color allowed for ease of conversion in post, but your write up makes this M so very tempting.
    Sean Reid should hire you for his reviews.

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    Thanks David for the interesting review about the M9M and the 50 APO.

    I believe the images do have a special look. But I am not yet convinced that the difference is clear enough to convince me to dig in. I am also a bit “afraid” that I could regret buying a M9M after the M10 is announced.

    While I am not yet decided about the M9M I am pretty sure to not get the 50/2.0APO.
    I am very happy with the character and the “special effects” of the Noctilux 0.95, which I like much better than I had expected before.
    If I want to get max. Sharpness and IQ (in technical terms) then I think its a little contradiction to give the size factor (in cas of the 50/2.0 APO) so much priority.

    My opinion might be different if I would not also use the S2-system, which would be my choice for max (technical) IQ.

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