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    Jack MacD

    3200 ISO
    1/15 sec
    braced on a railing.

    In the distance, if you look carefully, you can see the St. Louis Arch

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    Very well done! I presume you used the S2, but which lens?

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    Jack MacD

    I like this particular vantage point in this photo, and I will use my S on it next time.
    While I am an S owner, that shot was with a T. I used the 23mm T lens.

    The T was not targeted at “professional users” The S and M are. But years ago, in say sports, being an amateur was higher praise for someone than being professional. Being an amateur said you did something for the love of it, you didn’t need money to do it. Now of course, being called a Pro is considered higher praise. But I have high praise for the T.

    I bought the T as a big step up from my iPhone. And it is. And it’s capabilities for high ISO and fast shooting far exceed the iPhone. But I try not to “pixel-peep” on it, as I have gotten used to doing that with the S, as I enlarge the S files to huge sizes, and the S files are too amazing.

    So yes, the T was made for the iPhone generation who would prefer Leica quality and luxury, and can rationalize paying twice what the competition charges, but not more. I hope Leica doesn’t mind me having one too.

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    Jack MacD

    Kipper always jokingly suggests I do triptychs, so here one is.
    Joe and Gary always suggest B&W so here it is.

    I think if this is going to turn into art for huge display rather than a snap shot, I will have to return and shoot this scene with the S. The noise is showing up just a bit in the B&W version. But the T did a very good job for normal enlargement.

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    That’s some great detail on the church in the foreground, especially given the ISO. The fact that the arch is clear in the background is phenomenal. I set myself some targets for detail more-or-less with the M-Monochrom, and while the T doesn’t equal those (with the 18-56 anyway), it’s close enough for normal viewing distances.

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    Jack MacD

    Back in August, I said I would return to this location with the S and reshoot the scene.
    As I did, I realized it would be a better diptych than triptych.

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    Jack MacD

    Diptych attached

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    Hi Jack (never say that at the airport BTW) – the triptch saved at 3.16 mb, while the diptych saves now at only 316 kb, and a small size, so I can’t compare them. It couldn’t be the forum change I don’t think, since I can view the 3.16 mb images at full size now.

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    Jack MacD

    I returned to the scene using three new bits of technology.
    !. An M10M which allows for very high ISO and high resolution.
    2. Remote firing of the M10M via LeicaFOTOS, and allows a self portrait if you look very closely.
    3. A 12mm lens. The shot is ISO 20,000, f4.0. 1/15

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    love the picture and indeed it is the great lens you use right there, may I know what that called?

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