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    Has anyone used this accessory?

    If so, can you comment on performance?



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    Thank you!

    Looks like adding the Elpro doesn’t take anything away from the S180, and allows closer work than possible without it.

    – Marc

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    Hi Marc,

    I have the Elpro and it performs fantastic. No noticeable loss of image quality!


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    David Farkas

    And no loss of light, like you would with an extension tube.

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    I use the Elpro for Portraits, and it is amazing! But the dof is very very small and the usable focus range is very limited, so that it cannot be used in a shooting with other things than portraits.

    Also, I have an issue when screwing off the Elpro, sometimes it is as glued to the lens.

    Nevertheless I can really recomend it if you have the use for it

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