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    The first image here is upscale condos that sit on a salt-water wetland. The reason I did this one is to show Autumn colors in the Southland, which are sparse compared to Northern states. The second image is the European-village miniature at the downtown hotel in Charleston, which gets put up every December for the hotel and shopping guests. That scene is pretty dark from all four sides, so I shot a couple of handheld bursts at 1/10 second and ISO 1600. I could have opened the Aperture to as wide as f1.7, but I needed DOF, so it’s not as sharp as it could have been.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/1600, ISO 200.

    Condos, Autumn

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/10 sec. handheld burst, ISO 1600.

    Hotel, Miniature Setting

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    Doorway into a unique art/antique shop.


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    Spontaneous take in coffee shop, cropped…

    Coffee Shop

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    Bridge and water….

    Bridge and Water

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    Lunchtime, heavy crop…


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    Charleston Churches…


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    Church memorial…

    Church Memorial

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    Thanks, Dale, for the series, giving a sense of your community. Seems calm and relaxed, comfortable.

    Does the Q suit your style? I like to stay with one lens for extended times, sometimes a 28. 🙂

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      Thanks for looking – I’m still growing into the Q. My first 28 was a Nikon Coolpix A, APS-C with 28 mm perspective. It’s a great camera, especially given the small size, but the Q is on a new level. I said to someone recently that the Q has more latitude, or forgiveness, than other similarly-sized cameras, and what that means to me is I feel confident I can get a usable image most of the time in spontaneous shooting in unpredictable circumstances. One recent discussion was about wedding photography, and I suggested that ideally one should hire two photographers – one for the formal portraits and scenes of highest quality, and one other person for candids. Those two requirements are so different that I don’t think one person can do both very well, especially with the bulky gear etc. Although I don’t do weddings, I like the unexpected things, and where my best shot in a particular scenario may be heavily cropped, the Q rarely ever fails to produce at least one keeper.

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    Here’s something I thought would be an interesting juxtaposition – the statue of John C. Calhoun, seen through the framework of this Holocaust Memorial.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/800 handheld, ISO 200.
    Holocaust Memorial / Calhoun

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    Interior of church – I needed to select and darken (gamma, lightness) the large white object containing the Jesus-figure behind the altar. It was overexposed, so some surface detail or texture was lost. Still a pretty good win, shooting handheld and JPEG with the Q. I would have preferred to shoot a little higher above the pews, but not having a tripod, it was the only shooting position where I could brace the camera and not have to use an extreme ISO.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 0.5 seconds braced, ISO 200.
    Church interior

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    A parking deck staircase, looking down 5 floors.

    Leica Q, f11, 1/5 sec. handheld braced, ISO 200.

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    The Q at 28 mm isn’t a first choice in birds, but sometimes the little ones let you get close. The beak, closest to the head, shows how young this little birdie is.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/200 handheld, ISO 200.

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    Reposting sparrow from previous post.


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    More-or-less abandoned stone church, Akron Ohio, probably now owned by Akron University. As the industrial era wound down, Akron U has acquired thousands of acres of land near downtown for bargain prices.

    Leica Q, f5.6, 1/80 handheld, ISO 200.

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