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    I am new to the forum and new to the system. I have recently purchased a S 006 second hand. The first hand owner has registered the machine and I can’t get his contact (I bought it off a shop).
    When I tried to registered in the owners area of Leica official website, it said I can’t register. This is annoying cause I cannot download any firmware upgrade or Software for the Leica S.

    Does anyone has any experience with this and how can I get mine registered? Thank you in advance.

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    Yes, I was in a similar position having bought a used M9 from a private party. He had registered it on the Leica Owners Area, and for unknown reasons was reluctant to de-register it, an easy procedure.

    So I sent mail to Leica in Solms with a copy of the sales receipt with the serial number and of course name of the seller, and they cleared the way for me to re-register it.

    When I later sold the M9 through a dealer, as soon as I had confirmation that the sale was final, I went to the Owners Area on the Leica website and de-registered it.


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