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    Michael Zeleny

    Last year, a Leica rep told me that a maintenance contract would be made available for S2-P users whose cameras were about to go out of their extended warranty. That doesn’t seem to be the case at this time, though an extended warranty is available for the S. Is there a P version of the new S camera that I can buy for the same perks that came on the S2-P, including the sapphire windows?

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    Josh Lehrer


    If you purchase the new Leica S, it automatically comes with the three-year Leica S Protection Plan for Camera Body. You would only purchase this protection plan if you had a Leica S2 or S2-P that was within (but nearing the end of) its original warranty. On a Leica S2, it would extend the warranty by 2 additional years (because the camera originally came with a one year warranty) and on the Leica S2-P, it would extend the warranty by 1 year.

    For this reason, Leica does not offer an “S-P” as the S already incorporates the extended warranty. Sapphire glass has proven to be very expensive, and with the new S, Leica went with a very resilient Gorilla glass LCD that should stand up to most normal use. I’ve been using our new S quite heavily and have yet to notice a single mark on the LCD.

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    Michael Zeleny

    Thanks for your response, Josh. The warranty on my S2-P expires in a few days. Please clarify any options I have for extending it.

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    Josh Lehrer

    Well I have some unfortunate news. After speaking with Leica, they indicated that you cannot purchase the new Leica S Protection Plan on an S2-P that is in it’s second year of warranty. The terms of the new plan indicate that you need to acquire it within one year of purchasing the new camera, whether it is an S2 or an S2-P.

    This means that if you have a Leica S2-P that is more than one year old, you cannot extend the warranty from Leica. I would probably recommend sending it in for an overall service before the warranty expires, if you are able. Part of the Platinum Package that comes with the S2-P is that you receive a service loaner, so that should make it easier.

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    A few of use purchased the extended warranty for Leica on the S2 . This was done at the time we purchased the camera in my case January 2011. It was my understanding that the warranty was just one year . So I have assumed my warranty was up in January 2013 .

    It was darn expensive around $1700 and for my limited use seemed a better bet to self insure .


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    Josh Lehrer


    With the S2, Leica did offer customers the option to purchase the Premium Service Package within the first year of ownership that extended the warranty by one additional year, for a total of two years and cost $1,595. In addition to extending the warranty of the S2 by a year, it also allowed you a one-time, 30% discount on an out-of-warranty repair.

    Because the new S comes with the 3 year protection plan, of course service packages are no longer needed with that camera. When they announced the S, Leica also announced that they will make available for purchase the 3 year protection plan for customers still within their first year of ownership of an S2 or S2-P.

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