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    Finally pulled the trigger on a refurb’d demo S2 and 70 mm
    Have a fair bit of experience using loaner bodies over the past couple of years
    but am stumped by a menu item irritation.

    Most frequently, I use the camera on tripod with mirror lockup,manual focus,
    and self timer.
    The irritant I am experiencing is that the camera constantly resets the 2 second
    self timer to Single and if I’m using the 70 then it resets manual focus to
    Sometimes it takes a minute or two to reset and sometimes 5-10 minutes.
    Yesterday morning was particularly aggravating as the camera was in a precarious
    Situation and the settings were resetting every 15 seconds or so.

    Are these setting intended to be ‘sticky’ ? and is this behaviour out of norm?


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    Josh Lehrer


    The S2 should not reset ANYTHING unless you turn the camera off (or it goes to sleep) or pull the battery out. If the camera is changing your settings while it is still on, then something is not right with the camera. The “drive mode” and mirror lockup settings are both reset to default (they are not sticky) when the camera is turned off, but the AF mode is not. I think your camera might need a trip to Leica for service.

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    Thanks Josh

    The camera just came from Germany but I will dig a little deeper to see if there’s
    a power saving feature enabled in the menu that might be prompting the camera
    to go into an early sleep mode.
    What I have sorted out, though, is that the resetting occurs much more quickly
    when I am shooting straight down (on tripod) as opposed to normal viewpoint.
    Perhaps, there is a shaky contact between body/lens and pointing down breaks the contact.


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    Josh Lehrer

    It’s possible, because your settings should not be reset that quickly!

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    David Farkas

    Another thing to check is that in order for the camer to remember sticky settings like custom function assignments and focus mode, you should turn the camera off via the switch then turn back on. The memory card light should illuminate for a few seconds then turn off. If you change settings, but let the camera go to sleep before you manually power it off, the settings are often lost.

    As Josh already pointed out though, drive mode and mirror lockup are always reset to defaults on power cycle or resume from sleep.

    One more thing to make your life a little simpler: the S2 will automatically perform a mirror pre-lockup when in self timer mode. There is really no need to set mirror lockup when using self timer. Press the shutter release once, the mirror flips up, the. The camera counts down. Easy. And one less setting to change.

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    Well, that’s a nice bit of news. I have been setting the mirror lock-up and self-timer together since I got my S2. Did I miss this in the manual somewhere or is this an Easter egg?

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    David Farkas

    aboudd;4410 wrote: Well, that’s a nice bit of news. I have been setting the mirror lock-up and self-timer together since I got my S2. Did I miss this in the manual somewhere or is this an Easter egg?

    I actually don’t know if it is in the manual or not, but here is an excerpt from my S2 review (published November 2009):

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Trebuchet MS]
    [/FONT][/COLOR][INDENT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Trebuchet MS] Discovering the excellent self-timer[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Trebuchet MS][/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Trebuchet MS] Wanting to do some longer exposures on the tripod, I discovered that the mirror would automatically pre-lock when using the self-timer mode. So, when you put the camera in either 2 second or 10 second self-timer and depress the shutter release, the mirror immediately moves to a lock-up position, the LCD displays the countdown “Releasing in (x) seconds”, then fires. The actual shutter sound is quieter than that of the M9. It sounds more like an electronic shutter from a point and shoot than a large medium format (or even 35mm DSLR). I was amazed at how well the mirror was damped and how silent the shutter was, all resulting in very low vibration. And better yet, if you are working off a tripod for long periods of time, you will appreciate that you don’t have to manually lock up the mirror before each shot. As long as you stay in self-timer mode, the mirror will lock up before each shot. This is a really nice touch for landscape shooters. I’ve received questions about this feature and whether the mirror can stay locked up while you shoot multiple shots. Unfortunately, the mirror return is part of the re-cock sequence, so this is not possible.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [/INDENT]And if you saw our Leica S2 instructional videos, we highlight this feature at 1:15 in this clip about the camera menu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgBvxlumUAA

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