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    In an overdue follow-up, I’d like to mention that Leica replaced the faulty sensor, as well as adjusted, fine-tuned, and cleaned the camera. It’s now better than new. Plus, they replaced the top-panel LED, which was notorious for failing early on. I just did without for years.

    Big props to everyone at Leica Store Los Angeles and the Leica crew in Allendale, NJ. And, of course, the good folks at Leica in Wetzlar, who did the fine work to bring my beloved S2 back to life and into my workflow. Though the camera’s technology has dated, it remains a superb performer for the right situations. After a long period of procrastination, I handed over the body when upgrading my M9 for an SL last summer. The S2 was returned a few months later and I’m delighted to have it back. The only downside is that since S2-spec batteries are no longer available, the camera’s days will be numbered when the inevitable battery decline becomes apparent. At this point, they remain robust, and I have several so there are always backups on the charger. It may seem quaint to hold on to an outdated digital body, I see no reason to discard it as long as it continues to deliver outstanding images. And it was quite expensive, so why not?

    One last point: For any S2 users frustrated by unsupported Lightroom tethering, the workaround that David Farkas articulates for CaptureOne in conjunction with Leica Image Shuttle, works exactly the same for LR.

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    What was wrong that you needed replaced. I bought one this su,m,er and havent noticed anything.
    Do you have wireless triggers fro flash? what do you use? Have you used the remote control port?

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    The sensor was beginning to de-laminate, the same problem that dogged the M9. While I haven’t heard that the problem was systemic, mine was clearly not an aberration as Leica owned up to it, no questions asked. And it’s been terrific ever since.

    I do use wireless flash triggers. Mine are Visatec and Vello. I can also use a speedlight. Pocket Wizard is the gold standard, but for most applications is more than you need. You can function perfectly well with any number of budget brands like Yongnuo, Godox, Neewer, Phottix, et al. This link may help:

    A Guide to Buying Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers

    Congrats on your S2, you will love it. It’s so simple compared to contemporary cameras, though I consider that a virtue. It’s capable of making stunning images.

    Good luck!

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