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    Sent my S2 in for a sensor cleaning and just received a call to inform me that the source of the spots was not dust or oil droplets (common with certain Nikons, et al) but flakes from the sensor coating. They pointed out that the de-lamination would not show up on the images, but still it is a major concern that must be dealt with. And utterly disheartening in such an expensive piece of gear. It pretty much torpedoes any resale potential.

    We all know about the M9 de-lamination problems but has anyone else experienced this with an S camera? I’ll follow up to report on Leica’s response, but any feedback from S2 owners would be quite helpful.

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    WoW J,

    Looks like trouble. Did you send the camera in to Leica?
    I sincerely hope that this works out for you.


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    Not yet, I just discovered the problem. But I intend to and I’m optimistic that they’ll do the right thing, I’ve generally had great experience with Leica service.

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    Maybe you could post a 100% crop to show what the spots look like for future reference?

    I’ve never heard about this on an S sensor before, but knowing the M9 sensor is from the same period and manufacturer, maybe this could be expected. Anyway, I hope you’ll get your camera back ASAP!

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    +1 for Leica service, they are the best I have ever dealt with.

    Very pro consumer!

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    Here are two examples of particles I thought were dust but are actually flakes from de-lamination. In one sense it’s a relief since I couldn’t understand why so much dust remained after frequent cleanings with a Firefly de-ionizer. Plus, I’m very careful when changing lenses.

    Hope this helps, Peter.


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