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    I’ve had my S2 for almost a year now, have tested many a messenger/sling/backpack/shoulderbag (including Kata, Ona, LowePro, etc.) and am blown away by the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V20.
    I was searching for an unassuming bag for street photography that would not overwhelm my petite frame yet provided instant access to the S2 with grip and lens mounted. The padded strap can be worn over one shoulder or re-clipped to sling over the torso and feels very stable in either position. Hand grips are equally comfortable. There are tons of pockets yet the bag is lightweight, very sturdy and has especially well designed foam inserts. There is room for 2 extra lenses, D-Lux, batteries, releases, cards, extra filters, flash, accessories and rain cover (included). Elasticized pockets on each side are perfect for cell phone and water. The back pocket could carry a small laptop or iPad. There is plenty of room for pens and papers as well as loops for modular pouches and a tripod. It’s sleek, compact and weighs a mere 15lbs fully packed (3lbs empty). When traveling I can slip it into my Tumi carryon roller with plenty of room to spare for a 17″ laptop and personal items.
    Perhaps the best thing is that this bag is one I’m happy to carry from airport to street to event so that means the S2 can effortlessly be where I am.

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    Still so impressed with this bag for an S2 kit… from city to trail. For a day hike I clipped the optional ThinkTank Shoulder Harness 2.0 (backpack straps) to a midsize ThinkTank Attachment Strap clipped over the top of the bag, which allows easy access to the interior. I also clipped a ThinkTank RUHot (water bottle holder) to the side via a short Attachment Strap, which could double as a wonderful lens holder. Discrete tabs all over the bag make customization a breeze and a tripod, etc could have been strapped on if needed. The bag felt completely stable with my S2 in or out. Could go all day.:D

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    Josh Lehrer

    That is a nice looking bag, could you perhaps show a photo of all the gear inside and how it all fits?

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    Two images of the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V2.0:
    1. Back of bag packed with gear and strap clipped to sling position.
    2. Front of bag packed with gear and strap clipped to shoulder carry position.

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    Three images of the inside of ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V2.0:
    1. Front pocket holds pens, pencils, maps, cleaning cloth, small sunscreen, etc.
    2. Unbuckle and lift the front pocket flap for an additional pocket area that holds RRS flash bracket and rails, LED flash, bag rain cover and even a micro-windshirt.
    3. Main compartment holds 2 extra S lenses and S2 body with lens attached (lens down), cable release, cards and a Digilux. The back pocket could hold an iPad but I use it to store a BlackRapid camera strap and the ThinkTank Backpack Harness.

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    Two images of ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V2.0 with daypack attachments:
    1. RU Thirsty bottle holder attached via short Attachment Strap clipped to side of bag. Could also hold a lens. (For storage I keep the strap zipped into the compartment at the bottom of the bottle holder so it is always there when I need it).
    2. Backpack Harness attached via long Attachment Strap clipped over the top of the bag (Secures harness while allowing easy access into the main body, I like this so much I might stitch it permanently to the top of the bag).
    Note: Attachment Straps, Backpack Harness and RU Thirsty Holder sold separately from the bag. There are plenty of loops to strap on a tripod, etc.

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    Last but not least, the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V2.0 with gear inside tucked into my carryon roller bag. Ready to go!

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    Correction to main compartment image: also holds a D-Lux 5, not Digilux.

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    Pete Walentin

    Cool. But the coolest is the neopren cover for the S2. Self-made?

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    Hey Pete,
    The neoprene cover is a Lenscoat Bodyguard Pro CB. I use as an extra layer of protection from dust, etc. It fits very well and has stretched to fit better over time, even with the Leica handstrap and RRS L-Bracket attached, though I could have done a more tidy job putting it on the camera the day I snapped these photos.

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    Pete Walentin


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    Thanks for all the photos, very useful. I am intrigued by this bag, even more now…:cool:

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