Discussion Forum Leica S System Workflow and Processing When will Wi-Fi tethering be available?
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    Jack MacD

    As I recall in the initial announcement of the S2, there is a plan for a WI-Fi transmitter attachment. Is that still in the plan?

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    I don't know the direct answer to your question but have you tried using the “Eye-Fi” Pro X2 SDHC card? I'm putting the 16Gb through some tests currently and so far it seems to live up to specs:-

    1. Provides WiFi connection to your PC/MAC so that shots are immediately uploaded (you can stipulate to where). Granted your still need to import to LR4 or whatever.

    2. Includes Geo-tagging information in the EXIF, this is a great feature.

    One note on the geo-tagging however, you must be in range of “some” wifi router, you don't need to be able to login, just see the SSID. It will use the routers IP/Mac addresses to determine where you are and geo-tag your image accordingly. So this works great in populated areas but obviously useless if you are out in the wild beyond.

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