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    Being shooting the x2 for a couple of days. Great color, sharpness, contrast. But a question re focussing (auto focus), had the camera on a tripod, focused on a fixed object indoors, shooting through all the apertures using the 2 second auto release, the results were, some shots pin sharp but some was focusing behind the object. The ISO was fixed at 100, center weighted and the focus was set at spot. What is happening? And what settings suggested sure focus, eleven points instead of spot?

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    I’ve had your problem with other cameras, but not the X2. At first, I thought some type of calibration was needed – but why the random blurriness? It was my technique that was at fault. What’s moving – me or the object or both? Use a higher shutter speed, if possible, to freeze the action, or shoot a burst of frames (at least one should be good).

    The overall simplicity of the X2 is one of its main attractions to me. That said, focusing, whatever the camera, is always a huge challenge, primarily because of the range of options: single shot, continuous, fix point, multiple points, flexible point, manual, automatic. One would think that with all the technological advances, focus would be simple and easy – in fact, it’s gotten much more complicated with each advance!

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