• The battery charger for the M9-P comes with an adapter for use with the 12 Volt automobile accessory port. Works perfectly for me.

  • Preliminary testing indicates that the scratch does not show up on photos, which is pretty incredible. But, every time I use this lens, which is frequent, and look at that scratch, I will feel sick. I am going to start searching online for a replacement. Several people have already expressed interest in buying this lens, though no price has been…[Read more]

  • Well, today I decided to attempt cleaning the sensors on both my Canon & Leica. I started with the Canon (EOS-1DS Mark III) and had it pretty darn clean, first using a Visible Dust sensor brush, then Sensor Swabs with Eclipse. There were a few stubborn spots, probably either moisture or perhaps camera lubricant. By time I had gone through…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies and input on this. I posted this on several different forums and got a variety of responses, but most of them were positive by people who were cleaning their camera sensors using various quality products. I plan to attempt to clean the M9-P sensor and my Canon EOS-1DS Mk III very soon and will report back.


    Mark W.

  • Here is a snapshot of a SIMILAR lens shade – this is not the one I bought from DAG nor is it my photo, but, it is almost identical to my shade. The one I got from DAG has been machined down on the front, leading edge, to prevent vignetting. But, you would not be able to see this in a photo because it is so subtle. The shade in this photo is…[Read more]

  • Good news, problem solved! I stumbled upon DAG Camera Parts ( http://www.dagcamera.com/index.html ) – on a couple forums. Don G. at DAG sold me a metal 39mm screw in lens shade for my 28mm Elmarit. He machined the front of the shade down just enough so the lens would not vignette. He had a 28mm lens so could test the shade before shipping. I…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the link Jack, I just read through all the old posts about this topic. I assumed it was too obscure of a problem for previous discussion, which clearly was a mistake. At best I now at least feel a little better learning my M9P is not malfunctioning.