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    I am very disappointed. First, and foremost , I expected and needed an increase in resolution. I often make 40×60 inch prints, and my “standard size” is
    20×30, so an increase in resolution is important to me.

    Second, I expected an improvement in the LCD. The resolution remains less than
    many inexpensive DSLRs, it doesn't tilt (so using live view outside is often impossible), and for 25K it should be sapphire glass. Also, srgb
    color space is disappointing in a 25K camera. When you are priced in this range, you have to exceed the inexpensive consumer grade dslr.

    Third, now that it is a cmos sensor, I expected and really needed a sensor cleaning system as found on Nikon and many other prosumer cameras.

    Fourth, I did NOT need or want video. This complicates menus, controls and a camera that is designed predominately for still photography
    just doesn't readily allow for professional level video… if you need video, buy a dedicated video camera. Or, offer two models, one with and one without
    video. For the sans video, offer higher resolution (some posts have suggested that Leica maintained the current resolution because of the 4K video).

    Besides the video, there is no apparent compelling reason to upgrade from a S2 or a S. Indeed, some might argue that there is a reason not to
    upgrade — ccd vs cmos.

    It has to be mentioned as well that the substantial price increase is not appreciated. It is already extremely expensive, especially in comparison
    to the pentax, 810 and a7r.

    Now, the latter two cameras are unfair comparisons because you buy a S for the lenses which are in a class by themselves. It is the sole reason
    I bought and use a S2. But there are now other ways to use Leica lenses (at least R and M lenses). Also, depending on whether you like the
    draw of the leica more than the zeiss, the otis line is certainly comparable in terms of resolution at a fraction of the cost (assuming again you don't
    need shutters in the lenses).

    It is nice that Leica essentially lowered the price of the current S (now rebadged S-E), but it is still relatively expensive for clearly outdated technology.

    I shouldn't complain too much– I can use the money I have been saving towards the new S for something else. Lenses or a new system.

    Always hurts when the anticipation is met with disappointment!

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    Add my name to the list. My 120 is in Solms as well. Was at a shoot and suddenly
    it would not autofocus. Solms claims there was impact damage, but I do not recall
    such an event. They are charging me a lot for the repair and state it will take 6 weeks.
    It appears that there is an innate problem with the 120 that Leica needs to address,
    and they need to be more liberal in their repairs until the issue is resolved.

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    alisjasp;5914 wrote: Some images looked cartoonist

    Thank you. That was the point of those images, to concentrate on the
    outline, the geometric shapes, patterns or symbolism and not necessarily on photo-realistic detail.
    Pre-visualized, so in some cases purposely over-exposed or under-exposed
    to prepare for the presentation.

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    I apologize for the previous post– just noticed that you said canvas wrap.

    What I really meant to ask, is IF you had used fine art paper (which I agree would
    be nice), how would you have mounted the work such that a frame would not
    “interrupt” the flow of the image?


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    Would you kindly share how you have mounted the images?
    Thank you

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    Thanks for your kind compliment.

    Attached files

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    The price of the zoom is not justifiable considering it is neither fast, nor
    even fixed (it is variable). I am disappointed and will also stick to the 35
    and 70.

    The 24 would be equivalent of a 19 on 35mm so it is extremely wide.
    I would question whether it would be needed even for landscape– it might
    indeed be better to stitch than use such a wide lens initially. But, I am
    willing to at least try it.

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    Some of the “improvements/upgrades” are clearly firmware that could be
    added to our S2s.

    David– will you ask Leica if they plan on offering these firmware upgrades
    preferably free, or perhaps at a small cost?

    In fact, they could even offer to replace our LCD with the new one for a
    reasonable cost and I would venture to say, many of us would gladly pay
    for that upgrade.

    Also, a few years ago, Nikon upgraded their buffer on the D3. They offered
    all existing owners the chance to send in their D3 or for (I believed it was around
    $800) they would upgrade their cameras to the new larger buffer.

    Perhaps Leica would offer that to us.

    It is hard to swallow that the value of my camera has effectively been reduced
    by at least 50% in less than one year (11 months) and since Leica does not
    engage in trade in (as does Hasselblaud or Phase One) they are not willing —
    for a reasonable price — to make certain upgrades to my existing camera.

    It is at least worth mentioning it to Leica. Perhaps they would at least consider
    doing some of these.


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    Even given my reservations as noted in the reply above, I can see one potential benefit of
    the adapter —

    IF the adapter will allow the use of the H tilt-shift adapter, then S owners would finally have
    a Tilt-Shift lens capability.

    Do you know if the leica H adapter will accommodate the H tilt-shift mechanism?

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    As I understand the H literature, the H digital lenses are purposely designed NOT to
    be optically correct, but require correction in software. It would seem that this limits
    the true usability and desirability of these lenses on the S system (unless of course
    you just happen to already have the lenses). Why would I want a lens that is not
    optically correct? I am not convinced that software correction of an incorrectly captured
    image will equate to an image captured “correctly” in the first place.

    I recognize that this expands the available focal lengths for the S system, and this is
    obviously desirable. But, does this also alleviate the “pressure” on Leica to develop and
    release a wider range of focal lengths of S-lenses? That would not be good.

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    Please ask Leica:

    (1) Please allow us to write a DNG raw file to BOTH cards at the same time.
    Having lost images when a CF card failed, I would like to make a backup
    automatically with each image. jpg is NOT the same!

    (2) They mentioned when you last met with them, that they might have
    “focus stacking” analogous to exposure bracketing, whereby the camera would
    take a series of images from a “near point” to a “far point” in x number of steps
    to later use in focus stacking.

    (3) It would be nice to have the ability to do multiple exposures in the camera.
    Also image overlays. (See Nikon for how simple this can be.)

    (4) ask for a virtual horizon in the viewfinder

    (5) when are they going to switch to a cmos chip for live view?

    (6) When will the Leica S- tilt shift lens be released?


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    The opening was indeed enjoyable and the Leica staff is to be complimented for making
    each visitor feel welcome. The presentation was interesting and well received.

    Enjoyed seeing David and Josh who kindly introduced me to the leica staff.

    I encouraged the Leica executives to have more activities for the S2 owners. I pointed
    out that their academies were all focused on the M series and that they needed to
    reach out to the S2 users. Also suggested that they expand their emphasis (for the
    S2) beyond fashion to include landscape, fine art, abstract, et. al. They were politely

    We can hope!

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    Very nice! I like the textures and the detail. The composition is excellent
    making the viewer “search” and “discover” the heron and then further explore
    the image trying to determine what is reflection and what is not.

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    It must be exhilarating to see all those exotic cars in person!

    How far were you typically from the car that you appear to have
    achieved considerable DOF with a f/5.6 and 35 mm lens. I do not
    seem to achieve such. Also, my S2 does not seem to nail the autofocus
    as you imply yours does. I always have to tweek the focus slightly,
    especially as the distance approaches “infinity”. Did you adjust or fine
    tune the autofocus?


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    I enjoy Silver Efex as well. Interesting that you started with Low Key and yet there is so
    much terrific detail in the buildings, etc. A testament to the S2 and your skillful application
    in Silver Efex.

    Can you provide a “rule of thumb” for the amount of clarify, sharpness, etc. you typical
    find necessary when you make your initial color image in LIghtroom? I am trying to get
    a feeling for the “scale” of these items. (For example, on my D300, even a “sharp” image
    takes about 15 in NX2, whereas somewhat ironically it takes 15-20 for the D3X.)

    Again, thanks.

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