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    Nick Rains

    I have finally received my 30mm lens for the S2, I have posted some small samples and a full res file for download if anyone is interested:

    30mm Review

    It’s a great lens, just what you’d expect. I just need to put in the latest firmware to see if it fixes a small focussing discrepancy on AF.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I am very hesitant whether I should sell the 35 and get the 30. On many occasions I would like the wider FOV. But, (1) the gap to the 70 is then really big and (2) there will be the 24 comming which will be really wide (may be too wide?). I am also speculating on the 30-90 zoom which I heard should be ready for Photokina.


    BTW, great stuff on your website, in particular the China series. Made the S2 shine!

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    Mark Gowin

    Hi Nick,

    Congratulations on getting the 30mm. It is a great lens and I am tempted to get one myself. I had the privilege of trying a prototype 30mm in NYC at PhotoPlus last fall and fell in love with it. That little extra fov from 35mm to 30mm can make huge difference and probably fits my needs better.

    I agree with your observation about the lens correction. Frankly, I didn’t notice any distortion in the real-life photos I took with the lens, but it was apparent when applying the lens correction in LR. It is kinda like the image uncurls a little bit. Still, I think Leica has accomplished quite a feat in delivering a fast lens with this wide angle fov and sharpness in the corners.

    I look forward to seeing more photos from you with this lens.

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    Mark Gowin

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I can attest the 30mm lens, and S2 for that matter, can tolerate a significant about rain with no ill effects. It was pouring a cold rain which soon changed over to heavy snow soon after completing my try out the lens.

    Nick I hope you don’t me joining in on the 30mm fun.

    Here is one from NYC The Mall – Central Park last fall in the rain (cropped bottom portion of frame)

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    Nick Rains

    Mark Gowin;1889 wrote: Hi Nick,
    I look forward to seeing more photos from you with this lens.

    Well, I should have some new stuff from China and Vietnam in a few weeks…

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    Mark Gowin

    Nick Rains;1891 wrote: Well, I should have some new stuff from China and Vietnam in a few weeks…

    That should be an awesome trip. Have fun.

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    I am happy … Collecting mine tomorrow


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    Mark Gowin

    Congratulations Ed. Post some photos when you can.

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    I think that I have fallen in love with this one!

    Sunset on my way home tonight.


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    And another from yesterday. Slight correction to the perspective in CS5.

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    Nick Rains

    The firmware upgrade has improved the focus of the 30mm to the point where it is very accurate in most, but not all, circumstances.

    The inclusive nature of the lens means that the AF point covers a relatively large area of a subject and seems to have difficulty deciding which bit to focus on. This is particularly apparent when photographing narrow or small items against distant backgrounds eg a fence post or a railing. Oblique angled subjects fare badly too, the focus point tends to be a bit closer that you expect and at f2.8 this is quite obvious.

    Provide the AF point with an unequivocal focus plane and it’s deadly accurate, but something a bit more challenging can pose problems.

    Focussing the 30mm by eye with the standard GG screen is easier than with the newer microprism screen – the microprisms are almost invisible when the subject is close to focus, an ironic drawback of such bright lenses. The split prism works fine and is accurate, if a bit hard to see. I turned the camera on it’s side to manually focus on a horizontal railing and it nailed it each time.

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    Hi guys, any further experience with the 30mm?
    Does it do the job for you? Are you satisfied?
    Any comparisons with the 30-90 zoom?

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