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    I am currently using two B&W polar filters (one for the 70 and 35 and one for the 120 and 180). I am quite happy with them.

    I also have a 8 or ten stop Helionpan ND screw in filter for the 70 and 35, with which I am not that happy. First, its difficult to focus the camera once the filter is installed, second, the camera has problems metering with the filter, and, most importantly, the filter is not that neutral but produces a slightly warm, brownish tone, which is quite difficult to correct in PP.

    So I am considering replacing that with a Schneider or Lee system. What I would want are gradual ND filers and ND filters, including something equivalent to a big stopper. Any recommendations as regards the two systems?



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    Mark Gowin


    Take a look at the Schneider filters that David sells. They are exceptional. Graduated neutral density filters are available and solid neutral density filters are also available. I bought the one that has IR correction. Unfortunately, I have been so busy at work I haven't had a chance to compare it to my Lee Big Stopper. The Big Stopper has a pretty serious color shift to it. I expect the Schneider IRND to be much better.

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    David Farkas


    The Schneider filters are a lot easier to work with as you can do your focus and composition, then either slide the ND filters into place or unclip/reclip the entire holder from the lens.

    I had previously tried 4″ resin filters and was disappointed with the quality and their propensity for scuffing and attracting dust (even when stored and cleaned properly). The Schneider glass filters are much higher quality both in terms of image quality and durability/ease of cleaning.

    Mark brings up a good point. The new IRND from Schneider eliminate the IR color cast from high ND corrections. As you increase the ND factor more and more visible light is blocked, but IR is still allowed to pass. As the exposure gets longer a higher and higher percentage of IR and near IR passes through. The result is a magenta color shift. The new IRND coating filters out the IR as well, resulting in neutral color.

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    I use a Heliopan HT (high transmission) SH PMC polarizer which results in just 1 stop of light loss (compared to the usual 2 stops with other polarizers). Definitely an advantage with the S2 when shooting handheld (like from a boat, for example). I also use the Tiffen Hi-Trans Titanium Multi Coated ND 0.6 grad filter (this is a screw-in rotating grad – with my style of shooting, I seldom have the time to fool around with a rectangular filter; what's more, the Tiffen is multi-coated, unlike the rectangular filters…). That's all the filters I normally carry with me. Regards, Martin

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    David, do you know whther the sSchneider filters fit into the Lee holder? Thanks

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    David Farkas

    GMB;8540 wrote: David, do you know whther the sSchneider filters fit into the Lee holder? Thanks

    Nope. The stock Lee holder is designed for resin filters, so there are three narrow tracks. Schneider modifies the filter holder so that two, thicker glass filters can be accommodated.

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