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    Hello, guys. I am doing good and hope you all are doing great. My company has been using QuickBooks for the last five years. Suddenly, when I tried to open my QuickBooks company file, it took a bit longer than usual. This is because the size of the company file has increased. So, I wanted to shrink my company file size but did not know how to run QuickBooks Condense Data Utility. I have gone through multiple search results but failed to find any proper instructions to do so. The worst part is that the Intuit experts fail to provide me with appropriate guidance. So, could anyone offer me some help with my query as soon as possible?

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    Thank you for sharing the info. I was searching for this topic for a while though.

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    Which tool for converting PDF to other formats would you call the best of the best?

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    I don’t often need to convert various files, but a couple of times I had to deal with https://www.pdfplatform.com/convert . I haven’t tried other tools with similar functions, but if you ask me if this service did the job, it definitely did. What I was most pleased with was that I was able to convert a file in a couple of seconds, it didn’t take up much space, and that I didn’t pay a dime for it.

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