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    Nick Rains

    In full sunlight, the high ISOs can be amazingly good. I recommend using higher ISO settings even in good light, to get a tad more DOF and/or shutter speed sharpness.

    The attached image has zero Luminance NR and default Colour NR (25/50) applied in LR3.

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    Jack MacD

    I quite agree. There were so many early postings in 2010 by S2 triers, rather than S2 owners who set up the expectation that only ISO 160 was going to be any good with the S2. But as Leica has worked with Adobe LR, the facts come out that shooting at ISO 640 is no hardship. Next they will complain that there still is no ISO 320000.

    BTW your choice of lenses 35 and 120 is all I have.

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    Nick Rains

    Jack MacD;582 wrote:
    BTW your choice of lenses 35 and 120 is all I have.

    I have all four but seem to use the 35 and 120 all the time. You have made a good choice. Roll on the 30mm I say!

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    David Farkas


    Thanks for posting this sample over here on Red Dot Forum. It is one of the best examples I've seen yet for detail and noise at 640 ISO.

    I took a look at the metadata: 1/1000th at f/9.5. Easily hand-holdable shutter speed for the 120 with good depth of field as well. ISO 160 would have dropped you down to 1/250th, which should have been fast enough. 1/1000th guaranteed it.

    Personally, I usually set the S2 at 320 ISO for walk-around shooting for the same reasons you outlined, mainly to afford faster shutter speeds and smaller apertures for more DOF.

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    I also agree with this whole concept. ISO 640 is nothing to fear with the S2 at all.

    I use it quite frequently with all 4 lenses because it keeps the shutter speed up, and allows for spontaneous
    selection of various apertures when working quickly with less worry about going to low for hand-held work.

    I also contend it isn't just good in more brightly lit scenes, but also decently lit ones with a lot of dark areas where noise could be an issue.

    I do hope Leica eventually issues firmware that allows more refined selections of ISOs because I firmly believe ISO 500, 800 and 1,000 will be of high value to the S2 shooter. It would allow just the right level of ISO, and no more than needed for any specific ambient condition.

    My next experiment will be @ ISO 1250 at my next wedding.

    S2P @ ISO 640; S70 @ f/4, 1/1,000 shutter

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