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    The Leica provided lens shade for this lens is nice, but gee whiz, it sure does not mount firmly to the lens. In fact, I am embarrassed to admit I accidentally dropped a practically new 28mm Elmarit because in haste to make a lens change I grabbed the 28mm by the shade, rather than by the teeny tiny lens body. Long story short, sent the lens along with 3 other lenses and a new M9P in to Leica service (USA) and yes, they did somehow, magically, tighten the fit of the lens shade on the 28mm Elmarit. But, it is still not tight enough for me to have confidence in it. I bought a “made in China” 39mm metal screw in shade; yes, it fit the lens, but it also vignetted in the corners at all apertures. I am looking carefully at my bottles of LockTite and epoxy in my tool chest …. does anyone have suggestions or solutions to this problem? Please don’t tell me not to grab the 28mm by the shade. I have been shooting professionally for over 30 years and this is only the second time I have dropped a lens. The first time a camera strap broke and the entire rig fell. Thanks. Mark Weidman

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    Good news, problem solved! I stumbled upon DAG Camera Parts ( http://www.dagcamera.com/index.html ) – on a couple forums. Don G. at DAG sold me a metal 39mm screw in lens shade for my 28mm Elmarit. He machined the front of the shade down just enough so the lens would not vignette. He had a 28mm lens so could test the shade before shipping. I also read that he has coded older lenses for customers at a price less than that charged by Leica USA. Great service at a very fair price. Highly recommended!

    Mark Weidman

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    Can you please post a photo of the new hood? Thank you.

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    Here is a snapshot of a SIMILAR lens shade – this is not the one I bought from DAG nor is it my photo, but, it is almost identical to my shade. The one I got from DAG has been machined down on the front, leading edge, to prevent vignetting. But, you would not be able to see this in a photo because it is so subtle. The shade in this photo is from the eBay seller Heavystar – I think you could buy this shade from him on eBay and have it machined down locally. You want the final front diameter to match a size that will accept a snap-in cover. Hope this helps.

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