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    I just found this grip for the M240 which is made in Minnesota, USA. It looks like a viable alternative to the Leica made M240 grip that sells for $300 USD. Priced at $162 USD, this grip looks like it is worth investigating if you are in the market for a grip for your M240: http://photoequip.net/catalog/m-grip

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    I’ve used the PhotoEquip products before and can attest that they are of extremely good quality and their service is excellent. Their grip is made from a solid billet of aluminum alloy and screws onto the bottom of the M. It does not replace the bottom plate as does the Leica grip. The only thing that you should realize is that when you need to change the M240 battery, you now have two things to unscrew – the M Grip and M bottom plate instead of one. Other than that, I do recommend it.

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