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    David Farkas

    Okay, continuing on my Seattle pano theme…

    Here is another pano, this time taken from a boat tour on Puget Sound. Shot with M9 and 90mm Elmarit (100% positive this time :)). Hand-held, 9 vertical shots sweeping right to left with boat moving in same direction at about 20 knots. Each one shot at 1/2000th @ f/4, ISO 160. Converted in LR and stitched in Photoshop CS4.

    Original file is 18,000 x 5,000 pixels. This one is sized down to 4000 x 1100 for web viewing.

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    Interesting pano, and look at that blue sky! I was going to remark that it's a familiar skyline… but it's NOT really familiar, as it's been many years since I've come into Seattle on the ferry from Bremerton, which would give this view.

    The most easily identifiable building is that stubby little thing over at the far right, called the Smith Tower, which used to be a tall building for Seattle, a landmark. That greenish building with the white cap hides the hotel where the Leica roadshow for the M9 and S2 events were held, and the black building to its right (not that really tall black one) I think is the one with the fancy Mirabeau restaurant on the 50th floor, a great view for my wedding dinner in the 70's as it was the tallest at the time! How times have changed that skyline…

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