• Doug replied to the topic I'm in love with my S2 in the forum S2 10 years, 3 months ago

    Great to hear the S2 is in high favor and helping you be creative! I'm fond of mine as well, and the new grip is helping keep a steady hold in the cold. I have a project going, but slowly until it warms up some.


  • RVB;5996 wrote: Hi Jack

    I wonder if the S image circle allows for 44×33 without cropping,I agree its likely that Sony offered them to Leica. …

    Pentax uses a 44×33 CCD from Kodak which has a 55 mm image circle. Our 30 x 45 CCD has a 54.1 mm circle. Not much difference.


  • Roger;5932 wrote: The pinkish tint maybe coming from IR contamination . The M240 sensor cover glass appears to be weaker than the M9 ….tests with IR filters are showing its slight IR contamination . I did not see much or any of this in daylight shooting but every so often I get a capture that defies color balancing . Some M users are just r…

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  • Doug replied to the topic 45 vs 35 CS Lenses. in the forum S Lenses 10 years, 5 months ago

    WPalank;5873 wrote: UPDATE: …
    The good news is that Tom found a 45 CS Demo that will be delivered to a local dealer (at discount) in the next couple of days.
    So the decision has been made and thank you all for your invaluable help. I hope this thread may help others trying to make the same decision in the future. Cheers!….

    Good luck…[Read more]

  • I would have said 45mm but they just did it! Is there room for a 55mm? Indeed a 100mm Summicron has a place on a few want lists too, I think. And something around 280-350mm would be desirable, though maybe Leica thinks the dedicated extender with the 180 is sufficient.

    I have been using some of the 100mm and up lenses from the Pentax 6×7……[Read more]

  • The little camera is doing well for you! That's a dramatic and interesting structure…

  • Yes, I was in a similar position having bought a used M9 from a private party. He had registered it on the Leica Owners Area, and for unknown reasons was reluctant to de-register it, an easy procedure.

    So I sent mail to Leica in Solms with a copy of the sales receipt with the serial number and of course name of the seller, and they cleared…[Read more]

  • I sold my M9 the other day… It had had a Giottos screen protector on it for 3 years, and in that time it collected some fine scratches. So I removed it for the sale, revealing an undamaged Leica LCD looking like new.

    I've heard of another brand of screen protector that reportedly damages some Leica screens, but I'm guessing it's a different…[Read more]

  • Sure looks like dirt spots on the sensor to me. I didn't see any light spots, just ones darker than the background… It seems well established that M cameras will splatter shutter lube and bits of metal debris as the new shutter wears in. Applies to the S as well? This would explain how it happens without the vulnerability of lens changes.

  • Doug replied to the topic Walking in the Light in the forum M Monochrom 10 years, 7 months ago

    Yes, and our eyes like to follow paths too… nice!

  • Looks like you got a nice mix of light, the foreground element just has to be there. 😎

    At first looking at the larger size, my eyes kept trying to insert colors in the sky, need to have 'em checked I guess!

  • The light is great, and so is the soupy atmosphere… I'd be happy with this one!

  • Dog looks pleased enough at the admiration. 🙂 And it's remarkably good for the combination of speed and aperture.

  • Read an account by a guy on safari in Africa who rigged up solar cells on his backpack that would charge spare batteries during the day. He was pretty popular with other members of the group… 🙂

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    Scott, it looks like a lot of creative energy can be realized with a model like that! I particularly like the third one, first of the two shopping cart shots. The contortion, in such an unusual way, plus the calm expression just looks surreal.

    The first two scare the dickens out of me, as that looks like a very long drop at hand. But then the…[Read more]

  • Welcome, Terence! Nice kit… I still have and use an M2 I bought in 1967. And the 90 Tele-Elmarit I bought the next year. I don't have your 135 or 50, but just a couple years ago picked up the same “goggled” 35 Summaron, which is “Summicron-good” IMO. Your lenses should work fine on the M8.

    But as you mention IR filters, there's that chain…[Read more]

  • Doug replied to the topic Looking UP in the forum Images to Share 10 years, 10 months ago

    Jack, of these your first one appeals to me the most. Graceful lines, attractive composition and color.

  • David Farkas;4655 wrote: Under File menu, try Import from Another Catalog…

    This should work. If not, you'll have to export the containing folder as a catalog and import that way.

    Thanks, David… One of those that is obvious in retrospect! I had missed seeing that. And maybe I navigated the import settings dialog incorrectly. The…[Read more]

  • I did some work in the LR5 beta. The release version converted my LR4 catalog into a LR5 catalog. I'd like to merge the 5beta catalog into this main LR5 catalog, but I don't see how to do that. Thanks for any helpful suggestions. :confused:

  • Hi Victor – I'm a bit out of date, but the two I've used over the years are:

    Camera Techs
    2034 NW Market St (Ballard)

    Photo-tronics Inc.
    513 Dexter Ave N.

    The M3 is a standard that most any competent repair tech should be able to CLA… After moving east of the mountains I used a small shop in…[Read more]

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