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    Unfortunately my CS120 just became victim to the same issue.

    Whirling noise, no AF. Had to remove the battery to stop it. Cleaned contacts etc, etc. no go,

    Stopped right in the midst of a fashion shoot with an expensive model. Other lenses are fine.

    What a massive PITA!

    Seems I can't complete a shoot without some issue with the S system.

    – Marc

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    Your question is a bit confusing.

    When you say “Profoto airplay” do you mean Profoto AIR Transceiver or Profoto AIR Sync?

    Profoto AIR and Pocket Wizard are not compatible. One cannot trigger the other. Only Profoto AIR Receiver is built into the B1,
    which means you will need a Pocket Wizard plugged into the Profoto B1.

    So yes, you will need three Pocket Wizards. One at the camera, one plugged into the B1, and one to use as the remote trigger.

    I think you could have just got one Profoto AIR Sync to act as a remote trigger because you already have one for the camera,
    and AIR Receiver is already built into the B1.

    – Marc

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    Me too Tim!

    Just decided right after the Photokina announcements … and got it

    After the move to CMOS for the (007), and not liking the cosmetics of the SE, I decided to grab a (006) while a new one could be had.

    Sold the S2P to a friend for a good price, and the move cost me less than I expected, so it was a no brainer. Three more years of coverage, and the CCD look I prefer.

    Already shot an Oct. 4th wedding with it using off-camera strobes, and did a commercial job for GM just today with it in studio.

    I like the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 ISO progression better. I used ISO 800 a fair amount at the wedding and it was surprisingly better than anticipated.

    So, I'm glad I did also.

    – Marc

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    topoxforddoc;8564 wrote: I have a set of Elinchrom Quadra Hybrid Li-ion Action Heads (with flash duration up to 1/4000th sec) triggered by an Elinchrom Skyport Speed trigger. I am thinking of buying a S(006) body and a 70CS lens with the discount before the new rumoured CMOS S version TBC at Photokina.

    Does anyone know if I will be able to use the 1/1000 flash sync capability of the CS leaf shutter, or will I be crippled by the Skyport trigger (which has a published 1/320 max sync speed with SLRs)?

    Many thanks


    Since no one answered this, I will try.

    You can use the Elinchrom SkyPort up to 1/500 sync with the CS lenses (or any leaf-shutter able camera/lens system)

    To achieve the extra stop @ 1/1000 sync, you'd need to use the Profoto AIR system set to the Speed setting. That would require two Profoto AIR transceivers which are not inexpensive, plus you'd loose the ability to remotely control the output levels on your Quadra pack like with the SkyPort.

    1/500th is quite respectable. I only occasionally use 1/1000 sync with my Profoto units when the outdoor background is really bright, but even 1/1000 is sometimes not enough to tame really bright skies.

    Hope this helps,

    – Marc

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    Great shot Jack!

    – Marc

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    David, what is the W/s of the Move Pack when set to minimum power?

    – Marc

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    Apparently those pining for a S f/2 portrait lens won't have to wait long.

    Lightroom 5.5 now has a lens profile for a Leica SUMMICRON-S 1:2.0/100mm. A portend of what is to come at Photokina?

    Can't imagine what that is going to cost, especially in CS version that I'd demand. At F/2 it will be the fastest S lens, and the DOF will probably be similar to a 75/1.4 (or even shallower?)

    I'm still very satisfied with my “old” S2-P (except for some trips to Germany). Had I stuck with the Hasselblad H system rather than switching to the S, I probably would be shooting with a H5D/50C today. The higher ISO images I've seen from that camera are very good, and Hasselblad has managed to preserve at least some of the image characteristics of previous non-CMOS camera … albeit still different.

    Since semi-retirement, and a serious down tick in pro earnings as a result, the S system has truly become a “Luxury Item” … so, paying a longer dollar for a more expensive new S CMOS body is less than likely.

    IMO, the handling, dual shutter feature, and CS lenses that are second to none, (and much better than most), remain the over-arching reason for the S being my numeral uno camera for which I would sacrifice anything else photographic I own to keep … and that includes any M stuff.

    Personally, I haven't bonded with, or come to favor, a camera like this S2-P since my love affair with my now long gone Hasselblad 203FE and fast aperture Zeiss FE lenses from the film days of yesteryear.

    While I am a deeply vested Sony owner, I remain unimpressed by anything they make, and use their products strictly for utilitarian business purposes … which are now waining making them even more unimpressive. The rumored Sony MFD solution would have to take a totally different direction from their current video-game mentality to even make a blip on my radar … and I expect the lenses for it would be unimpressive in comparison to S optics. The much touted Zeiss FE 55/1.8 bores me to tears despite all the reports by “Chart Number Fanatics” and big-shot bloggers. If my Sony A7R were a candle, my S2-P would be a lighthouse in comparison … LOL!

    – Marc

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    rsmphoto;8447 wrote: Marc,
    I'm very glad it worked out. I'm sure that was a huge sigh of relief. I haven't had that scenario with my S or previous S2 since I rarely shoot to cards – only tethered, but it's a good thing you found a solution. I've had that pit-in-the-stomach feeling once or twice and it's not been a pleasant thing. It's good to know there's this potential issue with Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. Are you considering testing with another mfr. at this point to see if it's a camera isssue?


    Thank you Richard. The job is now complete and images sent to the client … all intact.

    The camera I was using was a loaner while my S2P was having a spa vacation in Germany for an unrelated issue. Mine is now on its way back to me, and the loaner will be returned with a note of caution attached to check it over before loaning it out again.

    When I initially got the loaner is was DOA, and didn't work at all. Removing the battery overnight to reset the internal battery solved that issue … but it does make one wonder if it was somehow related … power issues being the most likely cause of the CF issue, and not writing to the SD card at all.

    The Sandisk card was returned to the manufacturer for replacement … Not knowing the real cause of this issue, I would not trust that card again anyway.

    Who knows? I had a similar issue with a Hasselblad H4D/60 and a Sandisk card. Never figured that one out either, but it wasn't critical images so I didn't pursue it. Never happened again.

    – Marc

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    LC Technologies was able to recover all the missing files.

    While other recovery programs may have been able to do it, I just could not chance it … so I opted to send it off to the professionals and pay for the recovery in case it was a more difficult issue than I could deal with. They have the ability to crack open the CF card and get to the memory chips if they have to.

    Thanks to all who commented.

    Now the question is how did it happen in the first place? It could have been a power issue, or the card just failed, or I may have done something wrong in all the hubbub of this hectic shoot … or a combination.

    I'd still like to know how the S2 generates the redundant jpeg for the SD card.

    – Marc

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    You could not recover any of the photos Vintola?

    I'm looking for experiences where such a thing has happened, and there was some way to recover them.

    This was a 32 gig Sandisk card purchased from B&H, so highly unlikely a counterfeit.

    Frankly, hearing that Sandisk cards have failed on you like this is surprising and doesn't inspire much confidence in using this camera for paying work where there are no second chances.

    One reason I didn't worry about it was the dual card parallel capture.

    That both cards failed makes me wonder how this camera captures the redundant jpg file to the SD card. Is it generated from the DNG CF capture, or is it a separate dual feed?

    The files I was shooting WERE showing up on the LCD, so how the heck could I have known it was malfunctioning?

    Depressing to say the least.

    Over 500 images captured during the 10 hours, and these 50 or so will ruin the entire shoot no matter how good the others are.

    – Marc

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    Excellent work!

    – Marc

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    A bit more clarification:

    The full featured Profoto AIR transceivers are called AIR Remote … meaning you can adjust the levels of the pack/mono-light and the modeling light of any unit with AIR remote receiver built-in (Profoto or Hensel).

    The Profoto AIR Sync transceiver is for triggering only, and doesn't have the controls for adjusting levels from the camera. With packs like the Profoto Acute B2 Lithium AIR-S, the “S” stands for Sync … meaning it can only be triggered but not adjusted from the camera (because the Acutes use analog dials and rocker switches rather than digital control).

    Standard sync is up to 1/500 with leaf shutter cameras … but both AIR transceivers will sync up to 1/1000 when set to the speed mode. This is accomplished by pressing the Mode button for 7 seconds.

    Personally, I only became aware of the “Speed Mode” recently and have inadvertently been shooting at 1/500 sync for images where I had set the camera to 1/750 or 1/1000.

    It pays to read the darned manual before you use this stuff … LOL!

    – Marc

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    LOL! It's a bit difficult to get my head around the practicality of LV on an S2 … then add in CS Leaf Shutters into the equation. It's even harder for me to figure out because I don't own any DSLR with a reflex mirror and LV. My Sony A99 is a SLT fixed translucent mirror with an EFV.

    Holding a little RX1 out in front of your face is one thing … doing so with a S camera is another. So, it's more likely going to be on a Mono-Pod or Tripod anyway.

    The Hasselblad H is a leaf-shutter camera only … but still an SLR that needs the mirror locked up for optimal captures. When shot this way, the sound was almost inaudible … just a little “snick” sound.

    The S camera most certainly does create some vibrations. While the mirror is well dampened, it still is in motion … otherwise, Leica could have dispensed with the mirror lock-up feature. But they didn't.

    If and when Leica S goes CMOS (likely), it'll be interesting to see what sequence happens when using CS lenses with LV.

    Right now, the only advantage of the CS lenses is higher sync with strobes … (which is still one of the competitive S advantages). If you lock up the mirror, the FP shutter still has to get out of the way before CS exposure.

    Frankly, I'm far more worried about the CMOS sensor than any of this other stuff.

    I just did an all day review of my work over the past few years, and the only stuff I really liked for its' look and feel (or “presence” for lack of a better description) was from the M9 and S2P.

    – Marc

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    Thanks for asking David.

    Sadly, removing the battery overnight didn't solve the issue, and I am in contact with Kelsey Fains at Leica regarding next steps.

    She is forwarding my description to Germany to see if there have been other instances of this.

    If there is a solution, I will share it with the group so we can all learn.

    – Marc

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    Thank you for doing that David.

    I will try your suggestion tonight and report back.

    I am also in contact with Leica USA … but will try this first.

    Again, thank you!

    – Marc

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