• Today, Leica has released a range of firmware updates for the entire SL system. The biggest news is the highly-anticipated firmware version 3.0 for the SL2. With this update, Leica brings all the improvements […]

    • Same here, updated my SL2 to version 4 and 24-90mm lens to version 2.1.
      However attaching 90-280mm lens shows “No firmware on SD card”

    • In accordance with the Press Release Notes, a Lightroom Tethered Plugin is also available, but I have been unable to locate the download.

    • Same here, updated the SL2 with 24-90 attached, body upgraded but 24-90 maintained same version, with that lens attached, I proceeded to put the lens firmware on SD Card, tried to upgrade but says it is the same version…. I switched to the 50mm F2, the update started the instance I turned on the SL2 and not manually with the firmware file for the lenses. The Lens firmware file did not upgraded the lenses to version 5.0…

    • Hi,

      I contacted Leica, this was the response:

      “Both of my lenses are reading fw 2.1 after the update.

      They will not read 5.0.

      The lens firmware was also incorporated into the SL2 firmware version 3.0.
      If you lenses needed an upgrade the camera fw can do that.

      The only real change was to add the 16-35 and the 50mm 1.4 to have manual focus adjust capability.”

  • Today, Leica Camera has unveiled the new Leica Q2 “007 Edition” to celebrate the release of the 25th Bond adventure, No Time To Die. Limited to 250 pieces only, the camera exudes understated elegance – just like […]

  • Today, Leica has announced a new promotion on its SL2 and SL2-S professional mirrorless cameras. From July 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, those purchasing a brand new SL2 or SL2-S body or bundle will receive […]

  • Today, Leica has released minor firmware update v4.1 for the CL mirrorless camera. This update doesn't add any new features or functionality. The release notes simply state “bug fixes.” Our guess is that these […]

  • Today, Leica has announced a limited run of the flagship M10-R digital rangefinder in its iconic black paint finish. The high-gloss black finish has been a favorite of Leicaphiles for decades, but since the […]

  • Today, Leica has announced a new addition to the SL-System lens lineup. The Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-70mm f/2.8 ASPH, priced at just $2,795, offers photographers a slightly smaller, lighter and less expensive […]

    • Construction and ergonomics are certainly different. They feel entirely different in hand, with the Leica featuring an all-metal barrel and the standard, great feel of focus and zoom rings. The Sigma feels and sounds hollow and plasticky, and has a very grindy plastic-on-plastic feel on the zoom and focus rings. And optically, based on our internal head-to-head testing, the Leica offered superior results. Now, this might be purely down to Leica's more stringent quality control requirements and tighter tolerances, but that is also something that you are guaranteed to get with the Leica lens. For a full breakdown and to see the testing, check out our Red Dot Forum Camera Talk episode on the 24-70 f/2.8 lens here: https://youtu.be/IAxlRBSD2jQ

  • When Leica launched the SL2-S mirrorless camera in December of last year, they teased many notable improvements and features which would come via a firmware update. And today, Leica has delivered on that promise […]

  • Mike,
    I have not used either the 35 1.4 older model or the 28 2.0 for astrophotography. I don’t believe vignetting is an issue with the 21 but if that’s not your preferred field of view, go with a 35. You have also reduced your cost. What is the issue is what ISO works best on your Sony. If you are willing to shoot at say 3,200 you don’t need…[Read more]

  • That’s an easy choice but not inexpensive.
    21mm 1.4.
    Lucky for you, the Leica Store Miami has one used as well as new.

  • Today, Leica has released new firmware for both the Q2 and Q2 Monochrom cameras. Firmware version 3.1 for the Q2 and version 1.1 for the Q2 Monochrom add automatic and manual pixel mapping capability. Typically […]

  • Leica has announced what they are calling a “Best-in-Class” Passport Warranty protection on all new Leica Sport Optics products. The new Leica Passport Protection Plan is completely free and includes a fully […]

  • Along with the upcoming April 1, 2021 price increase, Leica has announced new pricing across the board for its CCD Sensor Corrosion Upgrade Program. Just as we reported last year, corroded M9 sensors can no […]

  • Today, Leica has announced an upcoming price increase going into effect April 1, 2021. While impacting nearly every current product, the increases are not uniform across the board. The amount will vary on a […]

  • Today, Leica has announced a new addition to the M lens lineup, the Leica APO-Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH. Offering uncompromising reference-class optical performance along with a new close focus functionality, the […]

  • Today, Leica has announced a new limited special edition camera, the Leica Q2 ‘Daniel Craig x Greg Williams.' Based on the ever-popular Leica Q2 full frame compact camera, the camera features unique styling and […]

  • Since publishing the my B&W ISO Showdown last year, a new Leica Monochrom contender has entered the ring. And it's not an M. The Q2 Monochrom is the first non-M camera to get the purely black and white treatment […]

  • Leica has issued new, updated firmware for the entire range of Leica M10 and M240-generation cameras. This includes the M10-R, M10-P, M10 Monochrom, M10, and M10-D from the current generation, as well as the M […]

    • I viewed the video on downloading firmware updates (M 10) and it looked easy….. BUT I get this message

      There is no application set to open the document “M10-P-”.

      I searched the App Store …. found Leica Acquire but it was of no help.

      Please help me
      Manny DeNoia

    • The ASC Edition has special firmware that includes the cine looks. There is no update for it at this time.

  • Today, Leica has announced the latest addition to the Leica APO-Summicron-SL lineup, the APO-Summicron-SL 28mm f/2 ASPH. Joining the existing four lenses ranging from 35 to 90mm, the new 28mm is the first of the […]

    • There is a mistake in the diagrams provided by Leica. Beginning from the sensor side there are:

      – a single element, a doublet and a single element, for a total of 13 elements, as specified in the text, in the lens cut

      – a single element and two doublets for a total of 14 elements in the technical drawing.

  • Leica has released a new computational imaging feature for its M10-R, M10-P and M10 Monochrom digital rangefinder cameras. Leica Perspective Control (LPC) helps to straighten horizons and correct keystoning when […]

    • I have had success with M10P files in LR but not M10M raw files. Any suggestions?
      The l-camera forum predicts Adobe will correct this error with their next update in March.

    • Depending on your import settings, you may need to go into the Upright control in the Transform palette and click on Guided. This will activate the guides stored in the DNG metadata.

  • Today, Leica has announced the reissue of the legendary first-generation Noctilux-M 50mm f/1.2 ASPH lens. The first ultra-fast aperture lens from Leica to bear the designation ‘Noctilux' was introduced in 1966 […]

    • The original Noctilux f/1.2 is not a lens I've seen a lot of modern reviews of — either on YouTube or written up articles. If the optical character and charm of the original has been preserved when wide open, I am curious how this lens departs from the older one when stopped down, in order to achieve the performance Leica is claiming it delivers on today's digital sensors (coatings, modern assembly tolerances?).

      Also, for anyone who's worked with both, I am curious how the character of the lens differs from the Summilux-M ASPH (which I own and love). From these samples, it appears that the out of focus areas take on somewhat of a chaotic energy, rather than the creamy, smoothness of the Summilux.

      Would love to hear more about this and the original as samples become available for testing!

    • The photos in the sample gallery look very good. It does not look technically or unbelievably modern. I feel very good about that lens.

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