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We figured we'd take a Leica APO-Telyt-Modular R 400mm f/4 and modify it for use on the Leica S2. Yes, it works! Yes, it's sweet!

Check back soon for the results of our in-depth testing and lots of sample images. We're going to have fun with this one.

Good looking combo

Good looking combo

Update: started a discussion thread in the forum and uploaded an image or two from yesterday's test shooting

Leica S2 meets the Leica APO-Telyt-Modular-R 400mm f/4!


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David Farkas is a self-admitted Leica junkie and an avid photographer since he was seven years old. He also owns and operates leading Leica dealer Leica Store Miami in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida with his wife Juliana. David has years of experience shooting with just about every Leica camera and lens made within the last few decades.

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10 Responses

  1. Kurt Kamka

    While the small 1.4x module is great, the 2x module is also quite impressive. Speaking from experience, with a rock solid head and tripod, the combination of the detail and resolution of the S2 and the rendering of the APO-Telyt-Modular system would be spectacular. For wildlife, also getting excellent feather detail and eye sharpness would be aided by the better high ISO capability of the S2 compared to the DMR. You can easily up the ISO to 640 or 1250 on the S2 in a variety of settings. I can imagine how much fun you are having testing out the combination.


  2. Kurt Kamka

    Roger, hang onto it for me for a couple of more years until I can afford to buy it back. 😉


  3. duke8448

    Roger;703 wrote: Kurt

    I still have the whole telyt system you sold me a few years ago!

    Roger 🙂

    Hi roger , Do you wanna sell the lens ? Wud be interested to buy it. Tks .Dennis A Happy and Merry Christmas – wud bee better if can play with yr Superb toy !

  4. Jeong

    Update, to accomadate the lugs/cams too much metal must come off the Pentax to Leica adeptar, the lugs need to be removed aka butchered off, bugger.


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