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    David K

    Some of these shots were taken with the S2 and the Hasselblad 100/2.2 and some were taken using the Leica 70/2.5. David and Josh were kind enough to lend me the adapter so i could test this combination out and compare the results from the different lenses. My conclusion was that both lenses are great…but I still prefer the look from the Leica glass. And both are noticeably better than anything I can get out of my Nikon D4 or D800E.

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    Al Tanabe

    Nice shots and easy on the eyes so late in the day:o. The edge still goes to Leica in lens performance and one day, someday, they may have a fast 100 with central shutter that comes in at a reasonable price. But till that day comes you can have a reasonable substitute.


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    Kurt Kamka

    David, I'm impressed with how much your lighting skills have grown. The shots of the woman with the red swimsuit are gorgeous.

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    Jack MacD

    Great shots!
    1. Tell us how you keep from electrocuting yourself with your power source in the surf?
    2. My favorite was the B&W shot.
    3. As long as I was using sepia with architecture, I had to suggest you try sepia on the great B&W shot. Note: I asked and received permission from David to post this interpretation of his photo.


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    David K

    Thanks guys…glad you liked them.

    Al, it's tough to beat the Leica glass but there are some alternative lenses out there worth shooting with if you're willing to do a bit of extra work and forego the convenience of AF. I've got the Hassy 110/2 and just reacquired the 50/2.8 after testing it out. Kurt already knows this and has been doing it for a while with stellar results.

    Kurt, my lighting skills still have a ways to go. Keep in mind that the only shots of mine that you see are the ones that came out well. You won't be seeing the shots I took where I metered for ISO 100 and forgot to reset the camera from its previous setting of ISO 3200 🙂
    I've been fortunate to have the advice and guidance of my good friend Andre Rowe who truly is a master of lighting. Also lucky to have good friends at Broncolor who help me acquire good used equipment at a relatively affordable price. Top notch lighting gear can get expensive quickly. The girl in the red swimsuit is one of my favorite models and a regular member of my weekend boat crew. It probably took her six months to work up the courage to shoot but now that she's seen the results she's enthusiastic about doing more.

    Jack, thanks for making the effort to improve that image with the sepia toning. It just never occurred to me to try it but it's not something I will forget. And the model loved it…although she still thinks she doesn't look great in this shot. I get that a lot from my models…they don't look at the photo as a whole but focus on one aspect of their face/figure that they're not happy with. Had a shoot with a girl with almost flawless skin who asked me if I could smooth it out, and in this shot the model doesn't think her legs look good. Had to crop it for her just below the bathing suit. Glad I had the file size to work with. When I shoot near or in the water and need my pack close I put it in a small raft. This works well enough with the not so heavy Mobil unit…not sure I'd want to try it with 40+lbs of Verso though. And I've got a few stands that I use when they need to go in the water.

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    Very nice shots . I can see you have been keeping busy in the off season . cool:

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    David K;2971 wrote: The girl in the red swimsuit is one of my favorite models and a regular member of my weekend boat crew.

    Any chance to join your boat crew? :D. Just kidding. Looks like you had a great day at the beach.

    I also like the B&W shot best. What lens was the done with?


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