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    RVB;8489 wrote: Arif,If the M240 sensor is a reference for the new sensor then I think ISO is going to be pretty good,I don't own an M but of the files I have seen it has great Dynamic Range and a decent iso3200,

    This is subscription only but great source of info and the ISO 3200 looks veery good,I expect the new S to be as good



    Thank you Rob, you are right it does look quite good so maybe the temptation will be stronger 😉 Somehow every new camera Leica puts out is tempting and just a little more expensive than what I wished it was.

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    RVB;8486 wrote: I was also hoping the price would remain the same but I guess the new sensor and its R&D cost (which i'm guessing is stmicroelectronics) is pushing the price higher..

    Its also supposed to have a new Auto focus system which sounds interesting…

    Either way I'm happy enough with my S and have a 30-90 on order which is my priority over a new body!!


    I agree, if it is significantly more expensive, then a no-go for me. Am very happy with the S2 and the 30-90 but was hoping for a clean 3200 ISO to make the move.

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    peterv;8446 wrote: Hi everyone, my 120 suddenly won't AF. It worked just fine the last time I used it. I did not change lenses and today when I turned on the camera it made a soft whirling sound for about 10 seconds, as if the camera was trying to connect or something, and then it stopped.

    Tried turning the camera on/off, taking the battery out, took off the lens and connected it again several times to no avail. I tried the MF setting and the rear button, a soft sound and nothing happening. It was the only lens I had with me.

    When I got back home, I tried the 70 mm and it worked fine, put on the 120 mm again, same thing. The sound for about 10 seconds, then nothing.

    Does anyone recognise this behaviour? Thanks for any suggestions,


    Hi Peter,
    I had a similar issue with a 35 two years ago and it had to go back for repairs to Germany. Your Leica dealer may be able to loan you a replacement lens on upcoming critical shoots. I understand how it can be frustrating.

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    Similar to Jack and others, using the back button to set focus and recompose works well and fast (I use the same technique on my Nikon and it is faster than moving the focus cross hairs for me). Have not had any issues with the focus. Picking a good contrast area helps.

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    I like them as well. Good effort to try new things and a mix of the old.

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    CCD, I like the S as is but would like a little higher ISO 🙂

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    Very nice, seems like a fun project. I used the S2/120 in Burma on a hot air balloon ride and was quite happy with the results. Thanks again for sharing.

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    The print looks really great and Joe is a real gentleman who is so humble about his vast printing knowledge.

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    Sorry to hear that Marc, I had a similar problem and Eric Chan helped me out. Please take a look to salvage the existing files.

    fotografz;4490 wrote: Murphy's Law says … if it can go wrong, it'll go wrong at the worse time.

    I just sold my stalwart Hasselblad system of almost 8 years to consolidate my pro kit with the S2P.

    Did some shots mid-week that were fine. Shot some product work today, and discovered a row of dead pixels almost centered in every shot. The dreaded thin red line.

    Same card, same reader, same everything. Did tests to confirm: it's in the CF RAW and SD jpgs.

    If I recall, the S2P warranty is two years which lapsed last Nov. : -( Actually, that was the date of original purchase, that camera was replaced due to a cracked sensor, then the new camera had to have the shutter release fixed. But since then it has seemed okay, and reliable.

    Any suggestions to check before I go through the repair hassle … er, process?


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    Mark Gowin;4188 wrote: Unfortunately, I got to experience some winter weather too this weekend. I much preferred the warm south Florida climate from the weekend prior. At least I was out shooting so it isn't all bad.

    Sparks Lane, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Mark, a lovely image. Must be even great in a large print.

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    andyc;4084 wrote: Hi Tom
    I have not had the chance yet except the first test done on a dull day.. I love the feel of this Lens with smooth zoom, balance and weight.
    The results are superb and with 30mm just 1/2 stop over the fixed one the difference is not noticeable at full 100% on my Mac.
    I used 320 ISO f9.5/180. there is no sign of Moire or colour change. The edges are as sharp as the fixed Lens with little softening as usual. very slight Blue colour Fringe (C.A)
    on edges, easily fixed in Photoshop. all this disappears above 30mm.
    I am going to brighter climes soon where the daylight is superior to UK this time of year and will really have the chance to examine results taken on a perfect travel Lens that has been long awaited. I would have no hesitation in buying this ‘Travel' Lens if you can find one.

    Hi Andy,
    I second your findings. I had been using the H35-90 and finally received this lens and really like it versus the H in terms of handling, sharpness, colors … My initial thoughts are that this is a winner for travel.

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    RVB;4019 wrote: Arif,I just had a look at your website,it's really good.I love the Samurai shot's..I am a big Mifune and Nakadai fan…


    Thank you very much Rob for taking the time to visit. Great to meet another Mifune and Nakadai fan. Yabusame is thrilling to watch in person and the tension just goes higher and higher as the archer loads, shoots, loads, shoots, and loads again to shoot while riding full speed. Hope you can visit Japan some time and watch in person (April/September being the big events at the festivals). Please let me knwo and I would be happy to shoot with you.
    Have a very Happy and prosperous New Year,

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    Thank you very much Alex. The file does look quite good and downsizing will help even more so quite workable. Please continue to advise of how you are finding the new S.
    Have a very happy holiday season,

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    constable;3965 wrote: Hi Arif

    I'll post some that are “fair” to the camera. Most of what I have to date at ISO 1600 is with the Hassy 120 and I was a little too quick in stating that the adaptor worked better with the S. There is still an issue of recognising the lens.

    Attached are some comparisons with the 30 mm S. Not world shattering composition, just sitting at my desk. Handheld so no criticisms here please!

    The low res is the whole image and then I have taken 100% crops on the black NAS drive. With a bit of noise suppression the images are OK … about the same as D800 certainly not D4!

    The AF is good if you have a lot of light, hunts a little in low light, nothing new there.



    Hi Ed, Thank you very much for taking the time to post the shots. I will continue to monitor but does seem to be better than the current S2 so good to see. If you take some more at high ISO at a future date, then please post some more.

    Thank you and have a very safe and fun holiday season. I am told that my 30-90 will be in on the 29th here in Japan so am looking forward to using it.

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    constable;3959 wrote: There are some very cool cables in the box. No more custom cables for Pocket Wizards and wireless remote. Hassy adaptor seems a bit more reliable too.

    The new menu system seems reasonably clean.

    ISO 1600 seems useable …. Maybe D800-like noise?

    Old peeve STILL here … I want to choose the priority CF/SD but cannot.

    Will hopefully get out to shoot tomorrow


    Ed, Would love to see the higher ISO shots to be able to see if that will move me over. What is your thought on the AF?
    Thank you!

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