• I'd sure like to see a lower base ISO too, even 35 as in the IQ180. Shooting with the S lenses wide open often requires an ND filter at ISO 160 because of their superb speed — definitely an annoyance for landscape work. As broad an ISO range as is practically possible would be great!


  • Somewhere down the road I hope to see a mirrorless S body with a somewhat smaller form factor. No mirror slap, enabling sharper images with long lenses such as 350mm and no advantage for a CS lens. Right now, it'd likely take a major feature such as that to have me set aside the S2 and lay out the required funds for a new body…


  • David Duffin;1421 wrote: Marc,

    I'd like to get a handheld setup for the S2/SF58 combo similar to yours. Which radio remote do you use? Is the handstrap a Leica model?



    No need to reply — I found the details on one of your prior posts on l-camera forum…


  • fotografz;1417 wrote: Georg, my advice based on a lot of experience would be to be careful with the Fong diffuser. The SF58 will constantly flop forward due to the weight of that diffuser and it likes to fall off at the most inopportune times. Plus, it really wastes a lot of light by scattering it all over the place including behind you … okay…

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  • Stuart Richardson;1253 wrote: Why wouldn't you just take a photo and then delete it? It seems like it would accomplish the same thing, only without any buttons or special features.

    The whole point of this would be to avoid having to delete images, either from the card or from hard disk after import. A new button would not be…[Read more]

  • allegretto;1228 wrote: what a wonderful idea! 😉

    Not so sure. An evaluation mode might be more practical where the shutter would be used simultaneously with another assigned “do not store” button. A resulting test image would be displayed on the LCD without a timeout so that histogram, focus, framing could be evaluated in the usual fashion…[Read more]

  • How about a true RAW histogram that actually tells us what we are shooting pre-shot?

    Of course the shutter must activate to capture a raw for analysis — do you envision this action being assigned to a function button?

  • David Duffin replied to the topic Thank you Leica in the forum S2 9 years, 2 months ago


    A beautiful shot! Nice work with the colours. It's interesting how the combination of pollution and overhead cloud can produce those browns in the sky — we see it here occasionally but not often.

  • My first post here.

    I'm a retired engineer — an extremely fortunate one, as I have an M9 with several lenses, an S2 with all four lenses plus a 30mm on order, and an Alpa SWA with IQ180 and Schneider and Rodenstock optics. In all, the S2 gets used for about 80% of my images! The other two rigs now each get used maybe 10%.

    But I can't…[Read more]