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    Giottos SP 8270, perfect fit.

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    Atanabe;2608 wrote: Josh and David did a great job on the S2 pre sets so this should be great!

    Josh, are S2 presets available to Georgia residents?

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    Who is permitted to attend Photokina? Are rural denizens of the American Deep South allowed to attend and where is this event held? 😉

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    I use the Panasonic EW-DJ10A for sensor cleaning. It reduces the chance for scratching by moistening as it pushes the dust away.

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    I'm glad for you that you are getting the problem sorted out with Leica. You would probably be best served by purchasing the premium service contract that extends your warranty out another year. Here in the US the premium warranty is much less expensive than the Platinum warranty.

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    Is Remco Konijnenberg an authorized Leica dealer? If he is, there should be no problem. Did you get a warranty card?

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    Thank you Eric. I appreciate your efforts.

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    Those cars are really good looking. I'm surprised that a company would name a car after a Hasselblad camera.

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    wonderful photo, please tell where the church is located

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    Down hea in rural Georgia (US), if I had woke up to those strange deer and the big spotted kitty, I'd know that Bubba (neighbor) had cut his shine with too much antifreeze or the S2 needed a firmware upgrade.

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    In my opinion, there is only one reason to have both. It is impossible to get ones significant other to carry an S2. So when one tires of humping an S2, one switches to his M9. The SO will carry an M9… briefly.

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    :DCheck this out…

    Schneider lenses for the iphone.

    Perhaps the elfs in Wetzlar will fight back by adding a phone to the next M camera.

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    I think that fotografz is on the right 😀 track. I am thinking about getting the RRS macro ring and rack. The next problem will be the flash. If one mounts a pair of flashes on the RRS ring, could one fire them with a pocket wizard? What about hand holding the SF 58 and using the RC-S cable release?

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    The view from the rural south…
    Most important is the indisputable fact that the S2 is simply the very best point and shoot that has ever been built. It is also the heaviest point and shoot ever built. The weight of the S2 means the the next upgrade has to be to the significant other (SO) who carries the rest of the kit. Most SOs will carry an m9 grudgingly but my experience has been that they will have no part of an S2. “I told you what you could do with that Nikon D whatever and I could care less who this thing was hand built by.”

    It is possible that Leica and a couple of others have built systems that out resolve the human eye. Since I was born with human eyes not red tail hawk eyes, I suspect that the S2 sensor and the S lenses will be sufficient until my species eyes evolve to a higher level with better eyes.

    I think that Leica really fouled up the opportunity to grow the system by building the S2 so well that there is really not a whole lot to upgrade. They should have started out wih the S1, sort of half assed like the M8, and, surprise, now here is the S2. We would be grateful to the gnomes and there would be little pressure on them to produce anything but lenses.

    My only gripe with the S2 is the inability to write raw simultaneously to both cards. Keep in mind that I am strictly a P&S guy. I own a flash that I don't understand and don't really want to use.

    For me the future of the S2 is with a few more lenses and perhaps a long term service contract. Oh yea, and an intermediate sized flash that articulates (bends), that fits in the hot shoe and just works automatically by pressing a big button marked A.

    I think that digital photography may have reached its pinnacle with the S2 and there may not be much left to make for the P&S guy who likes walking about with a machine that works wonderfully.

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    David Farkas;1425 wrote: Bob,

    I use the Schneider system, which uses Schott optical glass filters rather than plastic resin. I am extremely pleased with the quality of these. Here is a link to the 4″ filter system on our site:

    What is the advantage of using the Schneider system over screw in filters? Thank you.

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