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    Your Right!! There is no way to Safely Travel with the Kit. Even though I did (AND SAFELY) with the 30-90 Vario Hood over about 1000 Kilometers. I have no idea what ˆ was Thinking?????

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    Sorry John, too much work as it is unpacked and safely in my Leica hard Case. It's the ONLY solution in my mind. You will have to take me at my word. 😉
    All I can say is it is Bigger than I thought (look at Images on Site) then get out Tape measurer. I don't know ghat you would be looking for anyway to Sway a Decision. It has dividers that you can move 3 Dimensionally to Accommodate any custom needs.
    Oh, Best I can do Mate….

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    Very thick, no folding. All my Lenses. (CS) 120, 180 (with adapter), 45, 70, 30-90 Vario, S with RRS L_Plate Attached, Leica Monochrome, %o Noctilux….basically everything.

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    sorry to hear about any Issues Folks. I have the Newest Firmware and have to say my 120 Focuses even in Low Light like a Dream. I can confirm without even snapping because I have the Split View Screen Installed. Simply amazing. now there are two ways to Install ?Firmware for Lenses:
    1) Through Latest lens Firmware update, then Install on your Body.
    2) After installation of, simply put lens on the Body. Turn on Power with AE Button depressed.

    do you remember how you Installed the Lens Firmware? Is that where the Potential problem Lies?

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    In Lightroom and Photoshop CC (Latest Versions).
    Go to “Help” >Check for Updates…. in either Application.

    Oddly enough, one App is typically ahead of the other by a day or two. Just keep checking each morning, afternoon….

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    Yup….In case it isn't clear from the Discussion above. Download Frimware Then place on a Lens. if you turn on the Camera you will get the message about Lens Update. Turn off Camera. now hold in AE Button and Turn on Camera. LCD Screen will inform you there is an Update in progress. Turn Off Camera.
    Mount the Next Lens. this time just Hold down AE Button and turn on Camera. Repeat until all Lenses have been updated.

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    For those wanting Larger prints, one Word….ImagePrint!

    The Resizing Algorithms cannot be beat. I have used it for years on an Epson 7900 and now 4900 as well. I use 220 as my bottom dpi, then uprez in one step to desired size. Typically around a 40-50% increase. it never disappoints. On the Monochrom, I can see going 2x 3x native size easily. Have done no Prints with S (006), but I'm sure it will be incredible.

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    So far, so good. Downloaded an using it now. Confused why Leica S Rep, Ben Ross would tell me it is unnecessary to Update Lens Firmware in 006, as he told me square to my face it is done by updating the Firmware only. Absolutely not true!
    After Updaing Firmware, messages will demand that you Update Lens Firmware as well, which is available.

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    Great David,
    Having stepped on off a few Airline Carriers, Loaded them in Overhead Compartments, I couldn't be more Happy. Durable and with a waxed material that will only patina and look better with age. Fit perfectly in the back of my Land Rover as I roar through the Irish Countryside. 😉

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    peterv;8595 wrote: Today, somehow everything works fine again, thanks!

    You can thank me. It happened for well over 4 days and I finally called the Owners in Miami. They were unaware. I thought I had been kicked out of another Forum. 😡

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    Please correct me if wrong, but known as a “Focus Limiter”.
    Typically seen in hardware, I for one vote for a Firmware Approach.

    Knowing that there is a Limiter in the Firmware, it would only take me once to be confused as to why the Focusing has gone bonkers, as David alludes.

    However, I did get the chance to test the Beta Version of Firmware that Ben Ross has in one of his S Body's. Man is that thing sweet with the 120CS. Brings it to a whole different Level as far as AF Search. Trust me.

    Also, does everyone else know that it is not necessary to do lens Firmware Updates on the S (006). Regular Firmware does that for us. Possibly why Leica AG does not have the newest Firmware out on the original Update Release over a month ago.

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    peterv;8609 wrote: Hi David, thanks for asking. After it had been to Wetzlar for about 4 weeks I got my lens back, only to find that the AF was working all right, but now all my images with the 120 mm were underexposed by 1 to 1,5 stops. I made a comparison test with my 70 mm and with that lens the exposure was fine. Somehow the camera chose a shutter speed 1 to 1,5 stops faster with the 120 mm, so I had to send it back to the factory once again.

    This is the first I am hearing of this, wow….

    My Story: I have been going nuts telling people at the highest level of Leica USA. I thought it was my S Body that was underexposing by the amounts you describe, but spending DAYS trying to diagnose the problem.

    Finally someone said, “Is it maybe the lens (120) that is underexposing?” huh?? I always forget that the lens has a firmware.

    My tirades have gotten as high as my dealer where I had to contemplate law suits etc. Not sure e
    if our relationship will ever be the same.

    LEICA GERMANY does not communicate with LEICA USA. End of Story.
    As luck would have it I was having problems, this site was down for over a week. Had this site been up, I could have pointed Ben Ross, Tom Brichta, and other notables and said, ‘See, I'm not the only one”.
    Have to cool down right now!

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    fotografz;8519 wrote: Apparently those pining for a S f/2 portrait lens won't have to wait long.

    Lightroom 5.5 now has a lens profile for a Leica SUMMICRON-S 1:2.0/100mm. A portend of what is to come at Photokina?

    Can't imagine what that is going to cost, especially in CS version that I'd demand. At F/2 it will be the fastest S lens, and the DOF will probably be similar to a 75/1.4 (or even shallower?)

    – Marc

    I'm hoping by now you have read the most Current LFI issue. leica states that due to the small size of the lens, in order to get better ergonomics, there will be no CS Version. Still, mine is on order and I can't frankly wait for it.
    All the Best,

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    Ben Ross, Leica S Rep USA, was at a Leica Event today with 6 S Cameras. I asked him about the Update, he said he had no idea but stated one of his cameras had a Beta Version loaded and handed it to me with 120 CS lens attached. Night and Day Folks, Night and Day. I was in a darkish room and started testing AF on objects around the room, it just Focuses right to it. No hunting, just nailed it every time. If the Official Release is anything like Beta, or potentially better, we ALL should be VERY happy.

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    See my post at top of Forum. new Firmware that was supposed to have been released yesterday Aug 14 was supposed to address AF issues many of us were having. I received my Print Issue of LFI yesterday, but one can simply download the Issue through the LFI App. I think it is Page 58 that describes the update in roughly one page. cheers!

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