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    Michael Zeleny;4484 wrote: This is not as reassuring as it might be with a report of remaining Kodak sensor stock at Solms.

    actually I don't think Leica would ever run out of replacements as under their faulty Sensor replacement policy they would have to replace the whole Camera to the latest S and scrap for parts the faulty one.. err !!… hang on, not a bad idea for exchanging for free if it did happen. ho ho;)

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    Stevie Rave On;4432 wrote: Hi there, I am considering Leica S strongly due to the existence of this lens. I shoot interior so distortion is very important to me as well. Is there any chance you can shoot a grid at the major focal lengths you listed below and post samples or see if you can get it to true rectlinear by the lens correction adjustment slider in ACR / Lightroom? I would typically shoot mid to long distance with mid aperture (f16 in this case maybe?)

    I compared the MTF between this zoom and the equivalent primes but a chart is not as good as a real test.

    There aren't many samples around for some of us to do this test. If you could help I will be very very grateful.


    Hi Steve
    I do not have the facilities for this type of test but I have taken many outside Building shots where verticals need correcting using my CS5 software and these are good but not perfect (every radial distortion correction results in a fault elsewhere however slight it might be)…I have never used Lightroom and its built in Lens correction adjustment..
    However, I would not recommend this Lens for exacting interiors as is your need, there are obvious drawbacks to Zooms. I found the edges softer than the 30mm Prime and ‘Barrel' was obvious the closer you were to the subject on top of focal length.
    I am sorry not to be of any help to you and would suggest maybe a wide PC Lens on Nikon or for Medium format… Hasselblad offer a tilt/shift adapter for their own HS Lens ranges, great for converging verticals albeit time consuming.

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    GMB;4355 wrote: Well, seems it's my turn. My sensor glass cracked after over2 years in use. And that while on vacation….

    There were several sensors on the earlier S2 that had faulty fittings which pinched the glass covers causing them to crack, usually from or near a corner….you should take it to Leica for checking. They are duty bound to replace the whole Sensor unit if it is unfit for purpose.

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    Absolutely right Arif, a definite winner for Travel
    very glad you have one as well.

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    Hi Tom
    I have not had the chance yet except the first test done on a dull day.. I love the feel of this Lens with smooth zoom, balance and weight.
    The results are superb and with 30mm just 1/2 stop over the fixed one the difference is not noticeable at full 100% on my Mac.
    I used 320 ISO f9.5/180. there is no sign of Moire or colour change. The edges are as sharp as the fixed Lens with little softening as usual. very slight Blue colour Fringe (C.A)
    on edges, easily fixed in Photoshop. all this disappears above 30mm.
    I am going to brighter climes soon where the daylight is superior to UK this time of year and will really have the chance to examine results taken on a perfect travel Lens that has been long awaited. I would have no hesitation in buying this ‘Travel' Lens if you can find one.

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    Paratom;4065 wrote: Hi Andy. I had read the Leica info but a) they only say the f-stop at 35, 60 and 90mm, and at 90mm they say f5.0 which seems wrong? because it should be f5.6 at 90mm?

    I have just checked and we get the following

    this is normal variation pro rata

    hope this is useful for you

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    Paratom;4063 wrote: Congrats for the new lens.
    Does the lens extend when one zooms?
    And do you mind to tell the widest f-stop at 35,50 and 70mm?
    Thanks a lot.

    this gives all info on lens…

    I have attached photo I took on my iphone showing a credit card size next to it..the front extends appx 1-3/4″ from 30 to 90 in continuous line.
    hope this helps

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    Hi.. I would just like to add that the update also addressed a issue I had reported whereby the top OLED kept defaulting to ‘Medium' when the S2 was off with a multi Battery Grip attached…I like to keep it brightest in daylight as a quick reference before Shoot.

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    Mark Gowin;4057 wrote: Andy, congratulations on getting the 30-90mm. That lens is at the top of my purchase list. It is a very flexible focal range and has the typical Leica S character – sharp with excellent OOF rendering.

    The little time I spent demoing the lens lead me to the conclusion that the lens hood may not be of much value when the lens is at the mid to longer end of the focal range. Considering the flare resistance of the S lenses, I am not sure it is worth using the lens hood. That goes against my normal approach as I normally always use a lens hood, but I may not when I get the 30-90mm.

    thanks Mark
    I was thinking about leaving the Hood off myself but considering the price I prefer to use a clear glass Filter to protect the front Element…that in mind and the possibility of flare I will use the Hood and secure it with black tape… I do not need to take it off…

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    Example image of H to S Adaptor and HC 300mm
    small jpeg's unfortunately
    brilliant on DNG's @ 72Mb

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    [COLOR=red]Hi All
    just to let you know that after a visit to Leica Mayfair UK today it was realised that the Adaptor was indeed faulty and the Lens was in perfect working order.. in fact the Lens had only 48 actuations and was the latest one.. wow that was a good one to keep !!
    I was given a new exchange and everything is as it should be with focus snapping sharply without ‘hunting'
    I can now give a 5 star rating for the H Adaptor S and the benefits that you get with using CS and FP as Leica intended, albeit without the superior Glass.[/COLOR]

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    [I]Hi Fotograzf
    I have checked all contacts and cleaned them..
    I hope to try it on a HD4-50 next week… but,
    the strange thing is, since I have kept the Adaptor on the Lens and only change Lenses with it already attached there seem to be no more problems…. (ooops.. why do I say these things !!)
    There is also a slight Camera ‘click' on start up when it is OK but nothing when the S2 does not recognise it..
    The Flange screws are Black and it is a new ex Demo Lens that looks absolutely mint and was only used about 500 times. there is still a 6 months of a 1 year Warranty left.
    I wonder if there was a settling in period ?[/I]

    Many thanks for your suggestions,. it’s always good to have comments from fellow Leica Photographers…

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    Hi Pebbleplace
    Sadly no.. I recently sold my Hasselblad Kit including 5 HC Lenses but no 100/2.2
    I have bought all the non CS Lenses and kept the 300 HC as there is nothing as yet from Leica..
    Don't forget that Leica are duty bound to honour their pledge to allow you a equivalent CS upgrade with just the difference in price to pay when you return your (bought new) non CS Lenses to your original Dealer. if and when that ever happens ?? why do you think the H to S Adaptors were made first ???
    I suggest there are plenty of S2 Bodies and Leica are desperate to sell them to Hasselblad owners otherwise they could lose any foothold with them.

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    Hi Josh
    yes I had already updated the firmware beforehand…
    I think it is possibly a rogue Adaptor as it occurs on both my S2 Bodies with or without the Multi Battery Grips attached..
    I had also noticed a hitch when setting the top OLED to brightest with the Grip attached whereby it defaults back to ‘medium' when the S2 is switched off and on again.
    Solms have agreed it and will be giving a further firmware update soon.. (I hope).
    I will be going to Mayfair Leica Service next week and we will try it with different HC Lenses to see if it is my Lens or the Adaptor.. I was lucky to get the Adaptor but I am now hoping it is faulty and not my HC 300 ??

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    Hi Doug

    I was given a demonstration one to try out first and although a bit too expensive I was somewhat impressed with the handling and decided to purchase one.
    I do have very large Hands and find it quite comfortable in use… also with the added Grip Strap attached it is also safer for me to pickup and put down… the vertical format is easy in use and the extra Battery life gives all day shooting without worry.
    I don't think it would suit many especially as the cost is very high but having tried it first I was reluctant to give it back..
    Regarding the ‘Bug'
    I first blamed the OLED failure again as this was a past problem but by chance used it without the Grip and realised the problem…
    Waiting to see what upgrades will be announced soon.

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