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Today, Leica is announcing their new M9 Upgrade Program. Similar to the upgrade program for the M8 when the M8.2 was released, current M9 owners will be able to add features only found on the new M9-P, like a sapphire glass LCD screen and classic engraved top plate with no red dot or “M9” branding. And, just like the M8 program before it, upgrading an M9 will add an additional year of warranty (from date of original registration).

Some users will only want the scratch-resistant sapphire glass, which was found on the M8.2, but no longer present on the M9. This will be a $1,295 option, which also includes re-wrapping the camera in either vulcanite or MP-style “smooth sandpaper” and the additional warranty.

Sapphire glass LCD cover is extremely resistant to scratches

For $700 more, the top plate can be replaced with M9-P style classic top plate in either silver chrome or black paint. For those wanting to make a change, Leica is allowing customers to select which finish they want regardless of original color. To round out the new look, a matching finish bottom plate is also included. The only difference between a fully upgraded M9 and an M9-P will be the absence of the “M9-P” engraving on the hot shoe.

Upgraded top plates will have classic “Leica” engraving but no “M9-P” on hot shoe

Original Steel Gray M9 with smooth MP-style grip and upgraded M9 with silver chrome and Vulcanite

All in all, the program is not a bad deal and offers a lot of flexibility for customizing. Here are the two upgrade packages that will be available:[INDENT]Leica M9 Upgrade Package 1 – Sapphire Glass – $1,295

  • The display cover will be replaced with the valuable sapphire glass of the M9-P.
  • Choice between Vulcanite Leatherette or Smooth MP-Style Leatherette.
  • This upgrade will include a one year warranty extension valued at 345€ ($500).

Leica M9 Upgrade Package 2 – Top Cover and Sapphire Glass – $1,995

  • The display cover will be replaced with the valuable sapphire glass of the M9-P.
  • The top cover will be replaced with either the silver chrome or black painted M9-P top cover.
  • The bottom cover will be replaced with the corresponding color.
  • Choice between Vulcanite Leatherette or Smooth MP-Style Leatherette.
  • The upgrade includes a one-year warranty extension valued at 345€ ($500).

[/INDENT]All upgrades will be performed at Leica USA's facility in Allendale, NJ by trained technicians dedicated to the upgrade program.

How the upgrade process will work:[INDENT]

  1. Leica will begin taking reservations on August 8th. Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Payment for the upgrade will be taken immediately upon reserving.
  3. Work will start on October 3rd.
  4. Leica will get in contact with the customer when the upgrade on his/her camera can be performed.
  5. Turn around will depend on volume for the M9 upgrades. Upon request, Leica will provide the estimated return ship date. The goal is to have a door-to-door time of less than 4 weeks
  6. Upgraded M9 will be shipped back to customer/dealer via UPS 2nd Day Service.

[/INDENT]It is important that M9s scheduled for upgrades are not shipped to Leica Camera Inc. until the service department is ready to perform the upgrades in October 2011. Any M9s received for the upgrades before the start date, will be returned. Cameras received without prior scheduled date may experience longer wait times.

Start the process now

Dale Photo & Digital is now taking orders for M9 upgrades immediately and will be placing them in the order received in queue at Leica at open of business on August 8th. Requests for reservations can be made to [][/EMAIL]. Please note the following information in your email:

Full Name
Phone number
M9 serial number
Which upgrade package (1 or 2)
Which grip material (vulcanite or smooth MP-style)
If package 2 – which top plate finish (silver chrome or black paint)

For discussion, feedback and questions, we've created a thread in the M9 discussion forum:
Leica M9 Upgrade Program


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