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Today, Leica Camera introduced firmware version 1.174 for the Leica M9. This new firmware includes the following updates:

1. Bug fixes:
Leica Camera has become aware of customers experiencing compatibility issues related to select types
of new memory cards when used in the Leica M9.
This Firmware 1.174 fixes a bug that led to the faulty behaviour. Generally Leica recommends to use SD
/ SDHC Cards from San Disk. Until further notice, the following SD-Cards are still not recommended to
use, because some misbehaviour occurred in the test phasis.
– San Disk Extreme Pro SDHC I UHS-1 (all card sizes)
– San Disk Extreme HD Video SDHC I (all card sizes)

Click here to download Firmware Version 1.174 for the Leica M9

While we generally have advocated the use of Transcend Class 10 SDHC cards in the M9, and have experienced no issues with these memory cards, it is good to see that Leica has addressed this issue head-on with a firmware fix.

Additionally, Leica points out that these 2 memory cards are not yet 100% reliable with the M9, even with this new firmware update:

Leica recommends avoiding the use of these two memory cards in the M9.

5 Responses

  1. Stuart Richardson

    What’s the word on this if we have already been using that card for awhile without problems? I have an 8gb Extreme Pro UHS-1 that has been working fine since September. I have not updated firmware yet. Is it best to switch back to a different card, or if it has been working fine, is it likely to continue as such? I am a little hesitant to change anything, since I have not had any problems…

  2. Atanabe

    So I have the “not recommended” cards, one of which has already failed earlier in the year. Do I take a chance and keep using them or replace them with another brand? I thought that the media should be the least of my problems and opted to buy what I thought was the most tested and reliable brand, Sandisk, only to find that I now I am advised to switch due to known compatibility issues. Switching out several hundred $ worth of cards is not pleasing.

    Leica needs to hire better software engineers or the industry as a whole needs to adhere to much tighter standards. Buying a card should be as simple as buying a roll of ISO 400 film, set camera, shoot.

  3. Atanabe

    Josh Lehrer;1297 wrote: David and I both use Transcend Class 10 SDHC 16GB cards. We have NEVER had a failure with those cards.

    So if they came out and said that Transcend cards are not to be used, what would you do? Would you scrap your old cards and replace them with those that are now approved? or take a chance? Either way neither is a palatable solution. We really need a better standard for storage.


  4. Josh Lehrer


    The way I approach these situations is that I use what works. Since I have never had a problem with the Transcend 16GB cards, I continue to use them. Generally, if there is a compatibility issue with a Leica product, we know about it very quickly given that we deal with a large number of Leica users on a daily basis. Leica might make official announcements about known issues, but by then they are issues that David and I are both fully aware of and have already taken into account.

    In the end, storage is cheap. If you could only see the number of memory cards on David’s desk right now…


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