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Leica Store Miami is now carrying Komaru Titanium Soft Releases, in both the raw and matte finishes, which are designed to fit all Leica M film and digital cameras including the M and M-P (Typ 240).

Komaru (‘little circle' in Japanese) is a 15mm titanium soft release button with an innovative dual contour design that incorporates both a concave and convex component. Each Komaru is individually machined, partly by hand, in an aeronautical-grade engineering workshop in Toulouse (France) from pure titanium.

Komaru offers better thread locking, due to the unique hardness of titanium TA6V. The thread cannot be misthreaded and can be screwed in tightly. This reduces the risk of unscrewing through vibration (leading to loss of the soft release). What's more, Komaru's short conical thread is compatible with all bodies, old or new, such as the latest Leica M models.

These soft releases are an excellent way to add a bit of flair to your M camera in addition to enhancing the ergonomics of the shutter release button. Not to mention they are almost weightless thanks to their titanium construction!

Komaru soft releases are available online at Leica Store Miami in two different finishes: raw or matte.

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  1. Van

    In the 6 photos of the Komaru titanium soft release, which are the raw version?

    And, the prices?

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