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Match Technical Services has released a unique new item: the Thumbs Up EP-60 Titanium. Designed specifically for the Leica M Edition 60 camera, the EP-60 is made from solid titanium and is media blasted to give it a unique, textured finish. It features a rubber backing similar to standard Thumbs Up models to protect the camera's surface. The titanium construction also means it weighs half as much as a standard Thumbs Up EP-10S (14 grams versus 28 grams). This Thumbs Up is particularly useful, because a standard hand grip is not available for the M Edition 60.

To learn more about the EP-60, or place an order, you can view it on our website here: Thumbs Up EP-60 Titanium for Leica M Edition 60. Please note that this is only compatible with the Leica M Edition 60. It will not work on a Leica M9, M Monochrom, or M (Typ 240). Do not hesitate to call us at 305-921-4433 or email us with any questions or for more information. A full gallery of images is below:


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