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Today, Leica Camera introduced firmware version 1.176 for the Leica M9. This new firmware includes the following updates:

1. Bug fixes:

• Fix of a seldom-occurring error when initializing the SD-card.

With that firmware update, we revoke the constrictions made with respect to the compatible cards.
Generally speaking, the Leica M9/M9-P is compatible with any SD card that is in accordance with the
respective standards. Unfortunately, it is impossible to test the compatibility of every single card of every
single supplier.

All cards available from SanDisk have been compatibility-tested and the firmware version 1.176 ensures their
proper function.

Click here to download Firmware Version 1.176 for the Leica M9

This firmware update adds on to the improvements from the previous version 1.174 to fix some of the known reliability issues with certain SD cards, specifically SanDisk. We advocate the use of Transcend Class 10 SDHC cards, usually 16GB in size, as we have never had any issues using these.

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