As we recently reported, the newly released Leica M Monochrom ‘Jim Marshall’ Set has just started shipping. We were able to briefly get our hands on one of the first ones, thanks to its very generous owner, and do an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure.

The camera is just just stunning. Finished in matte brass, the surface has a vintage look that is hard to describe. I’m not usually one to get too excited about special editions, but having known Jim and being long-time admirer of his work, this set is one of the nicest I’ve seen.

Check out the video below for a detailed unboxing and overview of the Jim Marshall set. Be sure to click the box in the lower right to make the video show full screen and in high res.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the Leica M Monochrom ‘Jim Marshall’, head over to Leica Store Miami’s website, or email them


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David Farkas is a self-admitted Leica junkie and an avid photographer since he was seven years old. He also owns and operates leading Leica dealer Leica Store Miami in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida with his wife Juliana. David has years of experience shooting with just about every Leica camera and lens made within the last few decades.

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