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Leica has released a new firmware version for the T (Typ 701) camera: version 1.5. The firmware adds a major new feature that allows users to connect an iOS or Android device directly to the T via Wi-Fi, instead of needing an existing Wi-Fi network, when using the Leica T App.

You can download the firmware here: Leica T Firmware 1.5

For more information on how to upgrade the T firmware, check out our short instructional here: How to Update the Firmware on the Leica T

The full release, from Leica:

Leica Camera is pleased to announce that a new firmware Version 1.5 will be available for download from February 4, 2016 for the Leica T Camera System.

The new firmware allows the creation of a WiFi Access Point (AP) which enables any smart device to connect to the camera directly. This option to use the Leica T’s wireless capabilities without the need of a WiFi router gives T users the freedom to use the Leica T App or Web Gallery functionality anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the new firmware improves the performance of automatically reconnecting to known networks; making the process faster and more reliable. Version 1.5 also fixes a connection bug that caused some users to experience WiFi hang ups.

If you have any questions about the firmware or the update process, don't hesitate to send us an email.

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