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Today, Leica has announced a new program allowing users of previous-generation Leica S-system cameras, or other medium format digital systems, to trade in those cameras towards the current Leica S (Typ 007). The pricing structure depends on specifically what camera you are trading, but regardless Leica’s trade-in values are very generous across the board. Here is a chart that breaks down your options:

Trading in S-System Cameras

Trade-Up Trade-In Credit S (Typ 007) Price after Trade-in
Leica S2 $4,500 $14,450
Lecia S2-P $5,500 $13,450
Leica S/S-E (Typ 006) $8,500 $10,450

Trading in Non-Leica Medium Format Digital Backs and Cameras

Trade-Up Trade-In Credit S (Typ 007) Price after Trade-in
< 30 MP $5,000 $13,950
30 – 40 MP $6,500 $12,450
> 41 MP $8,500 $10,450


If you own an eligible camera and are thinking about moving to the S (Typ 007), the program runs until November 30, 2017. To proceed with an upgrade, or if you have any questions about this new program, email us or call at 305-921-4433.



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    • Josh Lehrer

      Bernard, that is a good question! The S-E was not listed but we have inquired with Leica, and will update the table when we get a reply. I’ll also reply to your comment with the update.


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