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Today, Leica Camera has announced a firmware update for the Leica T (Typ 701): version 1.3. The firmware update enhances functionality and improves performance along with changing a few menu settings.

The new firmware will offer the following features & improvements:

  • WiFi Set Up Menu – After connecting to a WiFi network, an assistant menu appears asking whether to use the ‘Leica T App’ or the ‘Web Gallery’ application and will adjust the respective settings according to the user’s selection.
  • Auto rotate – There is now an extended version of Auto rotate. The image will be rotated when camera is rotated in order to use full LCD size. This rotation is also active in ‘Auto Review’ playback.
  • Brightness simulation – The live view image in M exposure mode will show a brightness simulation of the resulting exposure. This function is available in P, A, S when using ‘Exposure Compensation’.
  • M-Adaptor and Dial use – When using the M adaptor, the ‘Focus Aid Function’ – magnification 3x, 6x and off is available as direct access on the left soft dial.
  • Digiscoping scene menu – In Digiscoping mode, the exposure results are improved and the limitation to the longest shutter speed of 1/250” is deleted.
  • EVF – There is a newly adapted graphic layout of the information bars in the EVF.
  • Touch AF/Touch AF and Release – when using the Touch AF mode the last AF position will be maintained even if the camera is operated by the shutter release button.
  • Optional limited focus range – a new special limited AF mode is available with certain lenses such as the telephoto zoom lens. This mode offers a limited focus distance range in order to speed up the Auto Focus for certain photographic applications.
  • Scene Modes – AF modes are now available in scene modes.
  • Start up time – The startup time is significantly shortened.
  • Image quality – There is an improvement in the camera’s internal digital image processing. There are new tone curves for JPG images which match DNG image impression.
  • Bug fixes and general performance improvements.

This is a major update for the Leica T and performance improvements are especially welcome. Leica continues to show that it pays  close attention to its customers with this comprehensive update. The firmware can be downloaded here: Leica T Firmware 1.3

You can find a step-by-step visual guide to updating the firmware on the Leica T (Typ 107) here: How to Update the Firmware on the Leica T

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