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Today, Leica Camera has announced a new sub-brand: 0.95, with a collection of new products and boutique items. The first batch of new 0.95 Collection items includes three unique pens, a key ring pendant and a lighter, all produced by French luxury house S.T Dupont.

Additionally, a special run of 95 “Edition 0.95” Noctilux lenses is being produced. The limited run lens will feature a unique domed knurled focus ring, blacked out engravings (except for the 0.95 in white), all in a glossy anodized black finish. One of each lens will be available exclusively through Leica Stores for a price of $13,950.

The full collection can be seen online here: Leica 0.95 Collection.

The official press release, from Leica:

Leica Camera proudly introduces 0.95, a new sub-brand for high-end accessories in collaboration with the world’s best-in-class brands. 0.95 is an attitude that unites the fine art of precision engineering, quality of materials and enduring value in exclusive collections that meet the greatest demands.

In collaboration with an extraordinary partner, it not only questions established limits, but it goes
further: it redefines them. 0.95 goes far beyond simply very good. These exclusive collections will be sold exclusively at Leica Stores and Leica Boutiques worldwide.

The first collaborative effort introduces the S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Collection, a collaboration with the renowned French brand for luxurious accessories. This collection consists of the Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Key Ring Pendant and Lighter.

To learn more about the new Leica 0.95 Collection, or to place an order, give us a call at 305-921-4433 or email us.

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Josh Lehrer has been with Leica Store Miami since 2010 and is as obsessed with Leica as he is with fast cars and his Golden Retriever, Enzo. He particularly enjoys obscure and vintage Leica gear and is probably the only person to use the Leica S for photographing car shows.

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2 Responses

  1. foto2021

    Every new product announcement from Leica seems to confirm my worst fears about where the company is headed.

    • David Farkas

      Leica is continuing to develop and release truly excellent photographic tools. The M240, M246 Monochrom, S007, Q, and now the SL are all phenomenal.

      Coming out with a line of lifestyle products doesn’t hurt this main goal any more than Porsche or BMW selling tote bags and golf shirts.


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