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A couple of weeks ago, Leica created a Digital M Trade-Up program, but excluded the recently introduced M (Typ 262) which disappointed some would-be purchasers. That changes  today, with Leica Camera USA launching a new promotion for the M (Typ 262). A trade-in is not necessary and there is no mail in rebate form. Rather, the offer comes in the form of a a promotional bundle featuring the M (Typ 262) digital camera, a Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 lens in black finish, an SF40 flash, and a Leica black nylon medium size system case, all for $5,995.

This represents a savings of $2,095 versus purchasing these pieces individually. To put it another way, for just $600 more than the regular price of the camera, you will also get a $2,000 lens, a $500 flash and a $250 bag.

Leica M_Typ262_frontLeica_Summarit-M_50_black_front_1024x1024

For a first time M buyer looking to get the pure rangefinder experience and a fantastic standard 50mm lens, or for an experienced M user wanting to add a back-to-basics body, saving over $2,000 is nothing to sneeze at. The 262 promotional bundle cannot be combined with the current trade-up program, and will run from June 29 through September 30, 2016.

The M (Typ 262) is a pared down version of the M (Typ 240), with no live view or video, but with the double advantage of slightly less weight due to the use of an aluminum top plate and a slightly quieter shutter mechanism. The 50mm f/2.4 Summarit was recently redesigned and refreshed to include a screw-on metal shade and features updated optics over the first generation f/2.5 Summarit.

If you are interested in the set or have any questions, head on over to Leica Store Miami's website, drop an email to, or call 305-921-4433.


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