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The first shipment of the new Leica C-Lux has just landed here in the US.  Unveiled at the Celebration of Photography event at the Leitzpark 3 Opening in Germany last month, the C-Lux is a full-featured compact camera. The impressive feature set includes a 20 megapixel 1″ CMOS sensor, 15X optical zoom, 4K UHD video and a 2.33 MP EVF.

You can read more details on the camera here:

Leica Announces C-Lux Compact Camera with 15X Zoom

Pricing and Availability

The Leica C-Lux retails for $1,050 and is available in two colors, Light Gold and Midnight Blue. A wide range of cases in a variety of colors will accompany the new camera. You can pre-order the C-Lux by visiting Leica Store Miami online, calling 305-921-4433, sending an email, or by clicking the order buttons below:

Order the Leica C-Lux in Light Gold Order the Leica C-Lux in Midnight Blue


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  1. Harry Schneider CYYZ

    Great and high quality camera. However the faux leather covering looks like packaging tape which FEDEX would use to tie up cardbox parcels. Leica & Panasonic should look at this shoddy material that the chinese factory uses. Otherwise a good buy for quality minded people.


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