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Today, Leica has released new firmware versions for both the M10 and M10-P digital rangefinder cameras. The firmware specifically allows the cameras to function via WiFi with the new Leica FOTOS app, which is being released next month. Compared to working with the Leica M app, this update makes it far easier to connect the M10 to your iOS or Android device wirelessly. You can learn more about the new app here: Leica Releases New FOTOS App.

Disclaimer: If you are currently using the Leica M iOS app to control your M10 via WiFi, this new firmware will no longer allow you to do so. You will not be able to use WiFi on your M10 until the new Leica FOTOS app is released.

The firmware is available for download here:

Leica M10 firmware version

Leica M10-P firmware version

Previously, the M10's WiFi connection process was quite tedious. You had to manually create and enter a network password, unlike most of Leica's other WiFi-enabled cameras that have a QR code you scan to automatically set up the network on your iOS (and now Android) device. The new firmware makes the process much simpler. There are no longer any options or settings in the camera's WLAN menu to complicate the process. Simply select WLAN in the main menu, and the camera automatically activates the WiFi. Use the FOTOS app to scan the displayed QR code and you are connected. I can't think of a way this could be easier!

A Look at What's New

The main menu on the M10 has not changed, however once you go into the WLAN menu is where the update is obvious.

The new firmware, on the left, brings up a QR code automatically when you enter the WLAN menu. No settings required! Compare this to the previous M10 firmware (on the right) where you had to set the network up manually.

Leica's official release notes break down the changes more specifically:

Compatible with the new Leica FOTOS app
-Allows to connect smartphone to Leica camera.
QR Code for all Leica Cameras
-Easy pairing of smartphone and Leica cameras.
1-Click Connection with Function Button
-WLAN starts without submenus on FN button.
Fixed WLAN name and password
-No submenus for setting a connection mode.
No submenus for mode settings
-No submenus for setting a connection mode.

Video Walk-through

We've put together a short video to walk you through the full update process, step-by-step.

To install the firmware on your Leica M10, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a fully charged battery into the camera
  2. Download the new firmware file to your computer
  3. Prepare the SD card for installation:
    1. Make sure that the card contains at least 200 MB of free disk space
    2. It is recommended to format the card inside the camera before continuing
    3. Download the new firmware file to your computer
    4. Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the SD card
    5. Eject the SD card properly from your computer
  4. Insert the SD card into the camera and switch the camera on
  5. Go to Main Menu / Camera Information / Camera Firmware
  6. Press “Yes” to confirm and start the process;
    1. Please confirm to save your current profiles to SD card before proceeding with the update
    2. Wait until the update installation is completed
    3. Restart the camera, do not eject the SD card
  7. Please load your last profiles from SD card after the first startup
  8. The update process is complete

4 Responses

  1. David Babsky

    You say:

    “Go to Main Menu / Camera Information / Camera Firmware
    Press “Yes” to confirm and start the process;
    Please confirm to save your current profiles to SD card before proceeding with the update”, doing as you suggest, I press “Yes” to start the update ..oh, and THEN – whoops! – should have first saved my current profile(s) to the SD card “..BEFORE proceeding with the update”.

    Have you tried doing this in the order which you suggest? ..Yes, I know that’s what Leica write on their own – stupid – “INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS LEICA M10-P FIRMWARE”, but instead of just regurgitating their – stupidly – mistaken instructions, wouldn’t it have been sensible for you to have assembled the instructions into a sensible and more logical order?

    • David Farkas

      Profiles should have saved to the SD card during this final step, before the update gets started.

      Your suggestion is a good one, though. In the future, we will advise users to back up their user profiles to an SD card before proceeding with the update.


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